Dealing with the Dead, edited by Dana Ackerfeld and Avi Gopher

Price: 98,00 €

Death in Ba`ja: Sepulchral Identity and Symbolism in an Early Neolithic Community of the Transjordanian Highlands. Household and Death in Ba`ja 2, edited by Marion Benz, Julia Gresky, Christoph Purschwitz and Hans Georg K. Gebel

Price: 160,00 €

The Mega Project at Motza 2. Neolithic and Later Occupations. Stratigraphy and Architecture, edited by Hamoudi Khalaily and Jacob Vardi

Price: 200,00 €

Off-Series Books



Modesty and Patience. Archaeological Studies and Memories in Honor of Nabil Qadi, “Abu Salim"
edited by Hans Georg K. Gebel, Zeidan Kafafi, and Omar al-Ghul

ex oriente, Berlin (2009) (IX+ 218 pages, 95 figures, 5 tables. softcover)

Price: 28,00 €

Göbekli Tepe. A Stone Age Sanctuary in South- Eastern Anatolia, by Klaus Schmidt

translated by Mirco Wittwar, published in cooperation with ArchaeNova e.V.

ex oriente, Berlin 2012 (286 pp. with 109 illustrations)

Price: 35,00 €

Settlement, Survey and Stone. Essays on Near Eastern Prehistory in Honour of Gary Rollefson, edited by B. Finlayson and C. Makarewicz

ex oriente, Berlin in collaboration with the Council for British Research in the Levant, London (2014) (24 contributions, IX+ 259 pages, 136 figs. incl. 4 colour pages, 21 tables. softcover)

Price: 45,00 €

Reclaiming the Past for the Future: Oral History, Craft, and Archaeology. Adel Yahya in memoriam, ed. by R. Bernbeck, A. Badran, and S. Pollock

18 contributions, XIII+338 pages, 57 figs. incl. 6 in colour, 3 tables. A5 softcover

Price: 35,00 €

Pearls, Politics and Pistachios.Essays in Anthropology and Memories
on the Occasion of Susan Pollock’s 65th Birthday, edited by Herausgeber*innenkollektiv, Berlin: exoriente (2021)

731 pages (full color), 46 contribution in English and German language, Softcover edition. For contents see

Price: 125,00 €


Studies in Early Near Eastern Production, Subsistence, and Environment (SENEPSE)

editors -in-chief: Hans Georg K. Gebel and Reinder Neef



Animal and Human Symbolism in the Pre-Pottery Neolithic of the Near East,
by Mattia Cartolano

ex oriente, Berlin (2022) XV+364 pages, 74 figs. incl. 40 colour illustrations, 130 tables, database accessible at:, paperback [ISBN 978-3-944178-21-9]

Price: 68,00 €

Dealing with the Dead, edited by Dana Ackerfeld and Avi Gopher

ex oriente, Berlin (2022) 14 contributions, 336 pages, 124 figs. incl. 92 colour illustrations, 19 tables, 2 frames, paperback [ISBN 978-3-944178-20-2]

Price: 98,00 €

Personal Adornment in the Neolithic Middle East: A Case Study of Çatalhöyük, by Milena Vasić

ex oriente, Berlin (2020) x + 234 pages, 110 figs. incl. 13 colour illustrations, 59 tables, paperback – 54 Euro [ISBN 978-3-944178-17-2]

Price: 54,00 €

Changing Systems: Pre-Pottery Neolithic B Settlement Patterns in the Lower Galilee, Israel, by Michal Birkenfeld

iv + 334 pages, 119 figs. incl. 37 colour illustrations, 12 tables, paperback

Price: 82,00 €

Neolithic Corporate Identities, edited by Marion Benz, Hans Georg K. Gebel and Trevor Watkins

- nicht mehr lieferbar / no longer available -

13 contributions, VIII + 216 pages, 69 figs. incl. 42 in colour, 6 tables, paperback

Price: 62,00 €

Die lithische Ökonomie von Feuerstein im Frühneolithikum der Größeren Petra-Region, by Christoph Purschwitz

616 pages including English summary/ captions and 137 colour illustrations, 171 figs., 141 tables, 94 plates, 25 appendices, paperback

Price: 118,00 €

The Neolithic of the Iranian Plateau, edited by Kourosh Roustaei and Marjan Mashkour

20 contributions: 14 in English + 6 in Farsi, xiv + 356 pages, 165 figs. incl. 3 colour figs., 31 tables, paperback

Price: 74,00 €

Am Beginn des Hausbaus. Studien zur PPNB-Architektur von Shkārat Msaied und Baʻja in der Petra-Region, Südjordanien, by Moritz Kinzel

570 pages, 259 plates with 605 figs. - incl. 19 colour plates and 2 folded A3 plans, 9 tables, paperback, 1870 g

Price: 116,00 €

Neolithisation of Northeastern Africa, edited by Noriyuki Shirai

14 contributions, 256 pages, 62 figs., 15 tables, paperback

Price: 48,00 €

Neolithic Archaeology in the Khabur Valley, Upper Mesopotamia and Beyond, edited by Yoshihiro Nishiaki, Kaoru Kashima and Marc Verhoeven

- nicht mehr lieferbar / no longer available -

13 contributions, 236 pages, 102 figs., 12 plates, 4 tables, paperback

Price: 45,00 €

The State of the Stone: Terminologies, Continuities and Contexts in Near Eastern Neolithic Lithics, edited by E. Healey, S. Campbell and O. Maeda

44 + 2 contributions, XIV + 490 pages, 348 figs., 4 color figs., 73 tables, paperback

Price: 76,00 €

Marion Benz (ed.), The Principle of Sharing. Segregation and Construction of Social Identities at the Transition from Foraging to Farming.

Proceedings of a Symposium held on 29th- 31st January 2009 at the Albert-Ludwigs-University of Freiburg, Berlin 2010. - nicht mehr lieferbar / no longer available - 17 contributions, VIII + 330 pages, 103 figs., 2 color figs., 13 tables, paperback)

Price: 56,00 €

Domesticating Space: Construction, Community, and Cosmology in the Late Prehistoric Near East, ed. by E.B. Banning and M. Chazan (2006).

- nicht mehr lieferbar / no longer available -

11 contributions, 112 pages, 52 figs., 7 tables, paperback

Price: 25,00 €

Flint and Stone Axes as Cultural Markers. Socio-Economic Changes as Reflected in Holocene Flint Tool Industries of the Southern Levant, by R. Barkai (2005).

I-XIV + 410 pages, 126 figs., 26 tables, paperback

Price: 68,00 €

Vorratshaltung. Die spätepipaläolithische und frühneolithische Entwicklung im westlichen Vorderasien. Voraussetzungen, typologische Varianz und sozio-ökonomische Implikationen im Zeitraum zwischen 12.000 und 7.600 BP, by K. Bartl (2004).

- nicht mehr lieferbar / no longer available -

I-XXX + 841 pages; 222 plates with more than 600 illustrations, incl. 4 colour figures; more than 367 tables, paperback

Price: 120,00 €

Beyond Tools.
Redefining the PPN Lithic Assemblages of the Levant. Proceedings of the Third Workshop on PPN Chipped Lithic Industries (Ca'Foscari University of Venice, Nov. 1998), ed. by I. Caneva, C. Lemorini, D. Zampetti, and P. Biagi (2001).

33 contributions, IV + 455 pages, 206 figures incl. plates, 63 tables, paperback

Price: 80,00 €

Magic Practices and Ritual in the Near Eastern Neolithic,
ed. by H.G.K. Gebel, B.D.Hermansen, and C. Hoffmann Jensen (2002).

12 contributions, III + 173 pages, 62 figures incl. plates, one colour plate, 8 tables, paperback

Price: 40,00 €

Die Neolithisierung im Vorderen Orient. Theorien, archäologische Daten und ein ethnologisches Modell, by M. Benz (2000).

- nicht mehr lieferbar / no longer available -

V + 260 pages, 59 + 2 figures, 7 tables, 3 appendices, paperback

Price: 70,00 €

The Dawn of Farming in the Near East, ed. by R.T.J. Cappers and S. Bottema (1999).

I + 189 pages, 52 figures, 11 tables, paperback

Price: 38,00 €

Central Settlements in Neolithic Jordan. Proceedings of the Symposium Held in Petra, July 1997, ed. by H.-D. Bienert, H.G.K. Gebel, and R. Neef (2004).

21 contributions, XIV + 300 pages, 82 figures/ diagrams, 12 tables, 36 plates incl. 2 color plates, paperback

Price: 48,00 €

The Prehistory of Jordan, II. Perspectives from 1997,
ed. by H.G.K. Gebel, Z. Kafafi, and G.O. Rollefson (1997).

- nicht mehr lieferbar / no longer available -

III + 662 p., 207 figs., 46 pls., 160 tables, 49 contrib., softcover

Price: 80,00 €

Neolithic Chipped Stone Industries of the Fertile Crescent, and Their Contemporaries in Adjacent Regions, ed. by S.K. Kozlowski and H.G.K. Gebel (1996).

IV + 460 p., 214 figs., 21 pls., 52 tables, 39 contrib., softcover

Price: 60,00 €

Die neolitische Keramik aus Abu Thawwab, Jordanien. With English Summary, by Daif'allah Obeidat (1995).

XIII + 186 p., 62 figs., 9 tables, softcover

Price: 28,00 €


bibliotheca neolithica Asiae meridionalis et occidentalis (bibliotheca)

editors-in-chief: Hans Georg K. Gebel and Gary O. Rollefson



The Mega Project at Motza 2. Neolithic and Later Occupations. Stratigraphy and Architecture, edited by Hamoudi Khalaily and Jacob Vardi

492 pages, 638 figs. incl. 603 in colour, 6 tables, hardcover

Price: 200,00 €

Death in Ba`ja: Sepulchral Identity and Symbolism in an Early Neolithic Community of the Transjordanian Highlands. Household and Death in Ba`ja 2, edited by Marion Benz, Julia Gresky, Christoph Purschwitz and Hans Georg K. Gebel

XXIV+538 pages, 17 contributions, 395 figs. incl. 345 in colour, 4 plates, 135 tables, 10 appendices, hardcover

Price: 160,00 €

Hacı ElamxanlıTepe, The Archaeological Investigations of an Early Neolithic Settlement in West Azerbaijan, edited by Yoshihiro Nishiaki, Farhad Guliyev, and Seiji Kadowaki

XVI+236 pages, 11 contributions + abstract in Azerbaycan, 165 figs. incl. 107 in colour, 49 tables, hardcover [ISBN 978-3-944178-19-6] 1180g

Price: 89,00 €

Çavi Tarlası. Identität und Kontakt am Beispiel eines spätneolithischen Fundplatzes der Ḥalaf-Zeit, I-II, by Jörg Becker and Alwo von Wickede

XXXIV+615 pages +14 enclosures (incl. 6 in colour), 155 figs., 65 tables incl. 36 in colour, 88 plates (incl. 24 in colour), 2 hardcover volumes

Price: 280,00 €

Wadi Hammeh 27, Jordan Valley. Natufian Art Items. A Contextual Analysis, by Janine Major

X+372 pages, 302 figs. incl. 9 in colour, 140 tables, catalogue of art items no. 1-69, hardcover

Price: 120,00 €

Tell Ṭawīla, Tell Ḥalaf und Wādī Ḥamar: Ḥalaf- und ‘Obēd-Zeit in Nordost-Syrien. Regionale Entwicklungen, Gemeinsamkeiten und Unterschiede (with English summary) by Jörg Becker (with contributions by Kirsten Drüppel and Markus Helfert)

2 Parts; (XXIV+808 pages, 200 figs., XX+170 plates, 8 photo plates (incl. 22 colour pages/illustrations, 2 hardcover volumes) [ISBN 978-3-944178-08-0]

Price: 245,00 €

The Sands of Time. The Desert Neolithic Settlement at Ayn Abū Nukhayla, edited by Donald O. Henry & Joseph E. Beaver. (2014)

19 chapters, XI+380 pages, 149 figures including 8 colour illustrations, 64 tables. hardcover - [ISBN 978-3-944178-05-9], 1760 g

Price: 118,00 €

Denise Schmandt-Besserat (ed.), Symbols at ‘Ain Ghazal. ‘Ain Ghazal Excavation Reports 3

bibliotheca neolithica Asiae meridionalis et occidentalis (2013) & Yarmouk University, Monograph of the Faculty of Archaeology and Anthropology (2013). Berlin, ex oriente. (XVI+ 368 pages, 139 figures (including 5 colour illustrations), 38 plates, 3 tables. hardcover)

Price: 114,00 €

The Pre-Pottery Neolithic B Village of Yiftahel. The 1980s and 1990s Excavations, by Yosef Garfinkel, Doron Dag, Hamoudi Khalaily, Ofer Marder, Ianir Milevski and Avraham Ronen.

with contributions by F. Alhaique, B. Arensburg, D.E. Bar-Yosef Mayer,  A. Davidson, M. Davis, V. Eshed, N. Getzov, I. Hershkovitz, J. Heller, L.K. Horwitz, M.L. Kislev, M. Lamdan, N. Liphschitz, R. Malinowski, A. Miller-Rosen, N. Porat, J. Yellin, & D. Zohary with 18 contributions, XXXII + 310 pages, 14 colour plates, 235 figures, 62 tables, hardcover

Price: 92,00 €

Evolution of Lithic Economies in the Levantine Neolithic: Development and Demise of Naviform Core Technology, as Seen at ‘Ain Ghazal (=‘Ain Ghazal Excavation Reports 2), by L. A. Quintero (2011).

bibliotheca neolithica Asiae meridionalis et occidentalis (2010) & Yarmouk University, Monograph of the Faculty of Archaeology and Anthropology (2010). Berlin, ex oriente. (XIV+ 184 pages, 7 figures, 51 plates, 10 tables. hardcover)

Price: 72,00 €

Ramat Tamar and Metzad Mazal. The Economy of Neolithic Flint Mining and Production of Bifacials Southwest of the Dead Sea, by D. Schyle (2007).

XIV+ c. 222 pages, 48 figures, 48 tables, 94 plates, hardcover

Price: 72,00 €

Gesher: A Pre-Pottery Neolithic A Site in the Central Jordan Valley, Israel. A Final Report, by Y. Garfinkel and D. Dag (2006).

XIV + 230 pages, 12 colour plates, 158 figures, 33 tables, hardcover; with contributions by S. Ashkenazi, S. Belitzky, G. Le Dosseur, L.K. Horwitz, M.E. Kislev, Y.Melamed, H.K. Mienis, O. Simchoni

Price: 85,00 €

Basta II. The Architecture and Stratigraphy,
by H.G.K. Gebel, H.J. Nissen, and Z. Zaid (2006).

XVI + 306 pages, 56 figures, 72 plates, 6 tables, 6 appendices, 2 stratigraphical charts, 2 fold-up top plans as insertions, hardcover, with a contribution by M. Kinzel

Price: 115,00 €

Basta I. The Human Ecology, ed. by H.J. Nissen, M. Muheisen, and H.G.K. Gebel (2004).

XV + 310 pages, 69 figures, 34 plates, 63 tables/diagrams/appendices, hardcover; with contributions by M.T. Crepaldi Affonso, C. Becker, H.G.K. Gebel, A. Hauptmann, B.D. Hermansen, U. Kamp, M. Muheisen, R. Neef, H.J. Nissen, E. Pernicka & N. Qadi

Price: 98,00 €

Jebel Abu Thawwab (Er-Rumman), Central Jordan.
The Late Neolithic and Early Bronze Age I Occupations, ed. by Z. Kafafi (2001).

XIII + 222 pages, 2 colour plates, 77 figures, 42 plates, 23 tables, hardcover; with contributions by N. Abu-Jaber, B.D. Hermansen, I. Koehler-Rollefson, R. Neef, N. Qadi, R. Quraan, Z. al-Saa'd, D. Stordeur, & H. Wada

Price: 78,00 €




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