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Death in Ba`ja: Sepulchral Identity and Symbolism in an Early Neolithic Community of the Transjordanian Highlands. Household and Death in Ba`ja 2, edited by Marion Benz, Julia Gresky, Christoph Purschwitz and Hans Georg K. Gebel


XXIV+538 pages, 17 contributions, 395 figs. incl. 345 in colour, 4 plates, 135 tables, 10 appendices, hardcover
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Contents List

Table of Contents
  • List of Figures
  • List of Tables
  • Acknowledgements
Empirical Data and Thanatological Perspectives on Ba`ja’s Late PPNB Sepulchral Environments: a Synthesis, by Marion Benz, Joachim Bauer and Hans Georg K. Gebel
“Domesticating” Death: the Burial Contexts, by Marion Benz, Julia Gresky, Christoph Purschwitz, Hala Alarashi, Michael Schultz and Hans Georg K. Gebel
Human Remains from Areas C and D: Morphological and Palaeopathological Investigations, by Julia Gresky
Non-Metric Traits of Deciduous and Permanent Dentitions of Ten Non-Adult Individuals from Area C, by Julia S. Krauß, Jan E.W. Gresky and Julia Gresky
The Archaeogenetic Evidence, by Eirini Skourtanioti and Michal Feldman
Local People or Masked Mobility: Results of Strontium Isotope Analysis of Human Teeth, by Corina Knipper, Julia Gresky and Marion Benz
Histotaphonomy Report, by Scott D. Haddow
Evidence for the Use of Baskets, Mats, and Painted Plaster from a Double Child Burial, by Nicole Reifarth, Ursula Drewello and Rainer Drewello
The Use of Red Pigments: Colour-Coded Territories, by Hans Georg K. Gebel
Sepulchral Commodification: the Rituality of the Ba`ja Daggers, by Hans Georg K. Gebel
Faunal Remains in Burial Contexts, by Anja Prust
Elements of Ornaments in Non-Burial Contexts: Investigations on Raw Materials,
Production, and Use-Wear, by Hala Alarashi
General Contextual Evaluation of Ornamental Elements, by Hala Alarashi and Marion Benz
Results of XRF-Analyses and Thin Sections of Raw Materials from Beads, by Melissa Gerlitzki and Manfred Martin
“Jamila’s” Necklace: Study and Reconstruction of a Complex Ornament Found in
the Child Burial CG7, by Hala Alarashi
The Bead Necklace from the Child’s Grave CG7: Conservation and Restoration of
an Exceptional Find, by Alice Costes and Andrea Fischer
“Jamila’s” Grave: Consolidation and Reconstruction 527, by Hussein M. al-Sababha and Mousa Serbil


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