ex oriente e.V. is a non-profit research association (e.V.: “registered society” under German law) running also a publishing house. Our research focuses on the crucial role the Near Eastern lands played for mankind in the development of production, subsistence and environmental techniques.

We do not receive public funding and have to finance our field projects and publications from membership fees and book selling. In addition, we depend on donations from the private sector, individuals as well as enterprises and companies. We appreciate any help from this side.

Individual members of ex oriente e.V. and other donators also support secondary and university education of gifted students in Beidha, South Jordan, a settlement of the Ammareen Bedouin tribe (The Ammareen Higher Education Fund).

If you are sympathetic to our efforts and would like to promote our research, we would be happy to receive your donation.

Our bank account is as follows:

Postbank Berlin, BLZ 100 100 10
Account No. 76 79 59 106

BIC: PBNKDEFF, IBAN: DE62 1001 0010 0767 9591 06

Donations to ex oriente e.V. are tax-deductible in Germany.
If you have any questions, please contact us.



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The Significance of Ba'ja for Early
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