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Editorial on the Current Threats to Neolithic Research, by Marion Benz and Hans Georg K. Gebel

Book Reviews

  • Emma L. Baysal: Review of Milena Vasić: Personal adornment in the Neolithic Middle East: a case study of Çatalhöyük. Neo-Lithics 21. pages A1-A5.
  • Moritz Kinzel: Review of Alan C. Mellaart and other contributors, E. Baysal (ed.): James Mellaart – The Journey to Çatalhöyük. Neo-Lithics 21. pages A6-A8.
  • Ricarda Braun and Julia Schönicke: Review of Konrad N. Godtfredsen and Moritz Kinzel: The fox: a tale from Neolithic Shkārat Msaied. Neo-Lithics 21. pages A22-25.

New Theses

  • Joaquim Sisa-López de Pablo: Social spaces during the Neolithization process in Southwest Asia: a habitat representation from a microstratigraphic approach. PhD Thesis. Neo-Lithics 21. pages A9-12.
  • Ricarda Braun: The demythologization of landscape: landscape research in the context of prehistoric societies – the example of the Neolithic site of Göbekli Tepe. PhD Thesis. Neo-Lithics 21. pages A26-28.
  • Sidar Gündüzalp: Beginning and development of pottery use in Upper Mesopotamia in the light of Sumaki Höyük data. PhD Thesis. Neo-Lithics 21. pages A29-31.
  • Cartolano, M. Animal and human representations in the Pre-Pottery Neolithic of the Near East. Neo-Lithics 21. pages A37-39.



New Publications

  • Nishiaki Y. , Guliyev F., and Kadowaki S.(ed): Hacı Elamxanlı Tepe: the archaeological investigations of an early Neolithic settlement in West Azerbaijan
  • Abar A. and Koehler J. for the Editorial Collective (eds.): Pearls, politics and pistachios: essays in anthropology and memories on the occasion of Susan Pollock’s 65th birthday.


Neo-Lithics 2020 special issue click to see content Download as pdf


  • Season’s Progress and Research Questions (H.G.K.G., M.B., C.P.) 3
  • Wall Damage Reports and Earthquake Evidence (H.G.K.G., B.Khr., S.K., C.P.) 4
  • Building Stone Manufacturing and Building in Ba`ja (H.G.K.G) 7
  • Enigma Sounding 1 of Area A. Resumed Excavations (F.H.) 10
  • Sounding 1 of Area A. The Chipped Lithics (C.P.) 11
  • Test Unit 9a-c in Area G: Capturing the FPPNB/ PPNC Occupation (M.R., S.Sho., F.H.) 12
  • Continued Excavations in Area D (C.P.) 14
  • The Mural of Room DR26.2. Reappraising Extension and Preservation (H.G.K.G) 16
  • Continued Excavations in Room CR28 (B.K.) 17
  • Rooms CR5 and CR6: Interfering Ritual and Domestic Evidence (B.K., L.M.) 19
  • The Hoard of Locus CR5:45. A Biography of Mixing Ritual and Domestic Contexts (H.G.K.G., M.B.) 20
  • Continued Excavation of Collective Burial Remains in Room CR17 (S.D., J.G., C.P.) 22
  • The Season’s Intramural Subadult Burials (M.B., J.G., B.K., L.M., C.P.) 24
  • Extraction of Jamila`s Grave C1:46 (H.S., M.Bad., J.Gra.) 33
  • Season’s Summary and Progressing Research Perspectives (H.G.K.G., M.B., C.P.) 34
  • Acknowledgements 38
  • Endnotes, References 39
  • Masthead 42
  • SENEPSE Publication List 43

Editorial, by Marion Benz and Hans Georg K. Gebel. Neo-Lithics 20, pages 2 and A35 (cont’d)

Contributions and Field Reports

News Section


Book Reviews

New Publications


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Contributions and Field Reports 

News Section

New Thesis

New Publication

Book Review


Field Reports

  • Sumio Fujii, Subsequent Excavations at the Neolithic Rockshelter Settlement of Jabal Juhayra (al-Jafr Basin, Jordan)
  • Hojjat Darabi, Saeid Bahramiyan, Saman Mostafapour, Mahyar Khademi Bami, and Ali Yari, Re-excavation at Tapeh Ali Kosh, Deh Luran Plain, Iran
  • Gary O. Rollefson, Alexander Wasse, Yorke Rowan, Morag Kersel, Matthew Jones, Brita Lorentzen, Austin C. Hill, and Jennifer Ramsay, The 2016 Excavation Season at the Late Neolithic Structure SS-1 on Mesa 7, Black Desert

Short Note

  • Dörte Rokitta-Krumnow, Two Cortical Daggers from Mushash 163


  • Alan Simmons, Corporate Identity in the Cypriot Neolithic – Transitions to a Unique Island Persona?


  • Corinna Rössner and Kathleen Deckers, Environmental and Subsistance Changes from the Younger Dryas to the Early Holocene: Archaeobotanical Evidences from Körtik Tepe, Southeastern Anatolia
Neo-Lithics 2017/1 Download as pdf


  • Imad Alhussain, L‘évolution des débitages laminaires de l’Épipaléolithique au Néolithique
  • Diaa Eddin Ablukaai, Les foyers du Wadi Tumbaq 3, des aménagements domestiques du début du Néolithique en Syrie Centrale
  • Hala Alarashi, PPNA Stone Grooved Pendants from the Middle Euphrates Valley: Markers of Cultural Identity?
  • Thaer Yartah, Typologie de bâtiments communautaires à Tell ‘Abr 3 (PPNA) en Syrie du Nord
  • Youssef Kanjou, Mortuary practices at Tell Qaramel (North Syria) from the Early Bronze Age and the Neolithic Period
  • Rania Ayobi, Les représentations animales en terre à Tell Halula, un site Néolithique sur le Moyen Euphrate
  • Rima Khawam, Oussama Baker, Olivier Dutour, et Danielle Stordeur, Cause du décès et traitements funéraires différenciés à Tell Aswad au PPNB moyen/récent. Inhumation d’un individu atteint de tuberculose
Neo-Lithics 2016/1 Download as pdf
Neo-Lithics 2015/2 Download as pdf
Neo-Lithics 2015/1 Download as pdf
Neo-Lithics 2014/2 Download as pdf
Neo-Lithics 2014/1 Download as pdf

Special Issue on The Symbolic Construction of Community
 (guest editors: Marion Benz and Joachim Bauer)  


  • Preface, by Marion Benz and Joachim Bauer


  • Trevor Watkins: Neolithisation Needs Evolution, as Evolution needs Neolithisation
  • Marion Benz and Joachim Bauer: Symbols of Power - Symbols of Crisis? A Psycho-Social Approach to Early Neolithic Symbol System


  • Robin I.M. Dunbar: What Makes the Neolithic so Special?
  • Colin Renfrew: Centres of Congregation
  • Bo Dahl Hermansen: On Cultural Niche Construction and Materiality
  • Hans Georg K. Gebel: The Territoriality of Early Neolithic Symbols and Ideocracy
  • Christa Sütterlin and Irenäus Eibl-Eibesfeldt: Human Cultural Defense: Means and Monuments of Ensuring Collective Territory
  • Pamela J. Stewart (Strathern) and Andrew Strathern: Symbols, Language, Ritual, and Scale
  • Ulrike Bohnet: Crisis Needs Shamans, as Shamans Need Crisis? Shamans as Psycho-Social Professionals in Early Neolithic Symbol Systems
  • Klaus Theweleit: An Entirely New Interaction with the Animal World?

Reply / Epilogue

  • Trevor Watkins: Extending the Scope of the Neolithic Conversation
  • Joachim Bauer and Marion Benz: Neurobiology Meets Archaeology: The Social Challenges of the Neolithic Processes

New Publications


Neo-Lithics 2013/1 Download as pdf
Neo-Lithics 2012/2 Download as pdf
Neo-Lithics 2012/1 Download as pdf
Neo-Lithics 2011/2 Download as pdf
Neo-Lithics 2011/1 Download as pdf
Neo-Lithics 2010/2 Download as pdf



  • Lee Clare and Hans Georg K. Gebel Introduction: Conflict and Warfare in the Near Eastern Neolithic


  • Ofer Bar-Yosef Warfare in Levantine Early Neolithic. A Hypothesis to be Considered

Comments and Contributions

  • Reinhard Bernbeck Prehistoric Wars, A Scholastic Fallacy
  • Lee Clare Pastoral Clashes: Conflict Risk and Mitigation at the Pottery Neolithic Transition in the Southern Levant
  • Hans Georg K. Gebel Conflict and Conflict Mitigation in Early Near Eastern Sedentism
  • Leore Grosman Prehistoric Warfare – Cause and Visibility
  • Jean Guilaine Neolithic Warfare: Comments
  • Steven A. LeBlanc Early Neolithic Warfare in the Near East and its Broader Implications
  • Bernd Müller-Neuhof Comment to Ofer Bar Yosef‘s Keynote: Warfare in Levantine Early Neolithic. A Hypothesis to be Considered
  • Mehmet Özdoğan The Neolithic Medium: Warfare Due to Social Stress or State of Security Through Social Welfare
  • Keith F. Otterbein Early Warfare in the Near East
  • Mirjana Roksandic Commentary on “Warfare in Levantine Early Neolithic. A Hypothesis to be Considered”
  • Gary O. Rollefson Violence in Eden: Comments on Bar-Yosef’s Neolithic Warfare Hypothesis
  • Paul Roscoe War, Community, and Environment in the Levantine Neolithic
  • David A. Warburton Warfare in the Neolithic? Methodological Considerations Reply
  • Ofer Bar-Yosef Warfare in Levantine Early Neolithic. Response Ofer Bar-Yosef

Other Contributions

  • Çiğdem Köksal-Schmidt and Klaus Schmidt The Göbekli Tepe “Totem Pole“. A First Discussion of an Autumn 2010 Discovery (PPN, Southeastern Turkey)
  • Makoto Arimura, Ruben Badalyan, Boris Gasparyan, and Christine Chataigner Current Neolithic Research in Armenia
  • Michael P. Neeley TBAS 102: A Late Natufian Site in West-Central Jordan
  • Karin Bartl Shir, West Syria


New Publications



Field Reports

  • Vecihi Özkaya: Excavations at Körtik Tepe. A New Pre-Pottery Neolithic A Site in Southeastern Anatolia
  • Maysoon al-Nahar, Deborah I. Olszewski, Jason B. Cooper: The 2009 Excavations at the Early Epipaleolithic Site of KPS-75, Kerak Plateau
  • Ariel Malinsky-Buller, Emil Aldjem, Reuven Yeshurun: Bir el-Maksur. A New Pre-Pottery Neolithic A Site in Lower Galilee
  • Makoto Arimura, Christine Chataigner, Boris Gasparyan: Kmlo2. An Early Holocene Site in Armenia


  • Sumio Fujii: Flint Bowlets. A Comprehensive Review from Wadi Abu Tulayha
  • Yitzhak Paz, Sarit Paz, Ron Shimelmitz: An Incised Stone Object from the PPNA of Tel Bareqet
  • Danny Rosenberg, Nurit Etzion, Daniel Kaufman, Avraham Ronen: Daliyat el-Carmel 3. A Flint Bifacial Tools Workshop on Mount Carmel. Preliminary Account


  • Bernd Müller-Neuhof: Jordan's Prehistory: Past and Future Research. A Brief Report on a Symposium held in Amman
  • Olivier Nieuwenhuyse, Anna Russel, Reinhard Bernbeck, Peter Akkermans: Interpreting the Late Neolithic of Upper Mesopotamia, Leiden, 24-28 March 2009

New Thesis

New Websites



Special Issue on Rubble Slides and Rapid Climate Change

  • Bernhard Weniger: Introduction Bernhard Weniger: Yarmoukian Rubble Slides. Evidence for Early Holocene Rapid Climate Change in Southern Jordan
  • Gary O. Rollefson: Slippery Slope. The Late Neolithic Rubble Layer in the Southern Levant
  • Omry Barzilai: Natural or Anthropogenic Agents? Some Examples for the Variety of Stone Surface in Late Prehistoric Sites in Cisjordan
  • Zeidan Kafafi, Bernhard Lucke and Rupert Bäumler: Environment and Architectural Change at the Neolithic Site of 'Ain Ghazal
  • Hans Georg K. Gebel: The Intricacy of Neolithic Rubble Layers. The Ba'ja, Basta, and 'Ain Rahub Evidence
  • Gary O- Rollefson: Commentary


Neo-Lithics 2008/2 Download as pdf
Neo-Lithics 2008/1 Download as pdf

Field Reports

  • J. Peterson: Khirbet Hammam 2006: Preliminary Report of Continued Test Excavations: 3-6.
  • S. Fujii: Wadi Abu Tulayha and Wadi Ruweishid ash-Sharqi: An Investigation of PPNB Barrage Systems in the Jafr Basin: 6-17.
  • F. Bocquentin, H. Khalaily, N. Samuelian, O. Barzilai, G. Le Dosseur, L.K. Horwitz and A. Emery-Barbier: Renewed Excavation of the PPNB Site of Beisamoun, Hula Basin: 17-21.
  • C. Purschwitz and M. Kinzel: Ba‘ja 2007. Two Room and Ground Floor Fills: Reconstructed House-life Scenarios: 22-35.


  • G. Coşkunsu: Obsidian Assemblage of Mezraa Teleilat: Evidence of Cultural and Chronological Continuation from Late Pre-Pottery Neolithic to Pottery Neolithic: 36-43.
  • B. Lucke and R. Bäumler: Soils and Paleosols at Ba‘ja: 43-50.
  • T. Kinnaird, D.C. Sanderson, C. Burbidge, and E. Peltenburg: OSL Dating of Neolithic Kissonerga-Mylouthkia, Cyprus: 51-57.

Short Note

  • K. Bartl, Neolithic Foot-shaped Objects Found in Shir, Middle Orontes Region: 57-59.

Workshops, Conferences, Call for Papers

  • BANEA08 Conference, Liverpool, February-March 2008
  • 6th PPN Conference: STEPS, Manchester, March 2008
  • Basta Final Symposium, Berlin, April 2008
  • Water Domestication Forum, Special Issue of Neo-Lithics: Call for Papers

Ongoing PhD Research

  • J. Major


  • Nabil Qadi

Field Reports

  • M. Haïdar-Boustani, J.J. Ibáñez, M. Al-Maqdissi, A. Armendáriz, J.G. Urquijo, L. Teira: New Data on the Epipalaeolithic and Neolithic of the Homs Gap: Three Campaigns of Archaeological survey (2004-2006): 3-9.
  • SAPPO: Sixteen Years of Archaeological Investigations in the Euphrates Valley and the Djezireh: Tell Halula, Tell Amarna, and Chagar Bazar: 9-13.
  • S. Hansen, G. Mirtskhulava, K. Bastert-Lamprichs: Aruchlo: A Neolithic Settlement Mound in the Caucasus: 13-19.
  • S. Fujii: Wadi Badda: A PPNB Settlement below the Fjaje Escarpment near Shawbak: 19-23.
  • H.G.K. Gebel, M. Kinzel: Ba'ja 2007: Crawl Spaces, Rich Room Dumps, and High Energy Events. Results of the 7th Season of Excavation: 24-33.


  • F. Borrell: From PPNB to PN: Chipped Stone Industries of the Middle Euphrates Valley. New Data, New Interpretations: 33-37.
  • B. Müller-Neuhof: Anthropomorphic Statuettes from Tell Fakhariyah: Arguments for Their Possible PPNB Origin: 37-43.

Museum Report


New Publications and Ongoing PhD Research

  • D. Stordeur, F. Abbès: From the First Villages to the First Cities: A Permanent Exhibition at the National Museum of Damascus: 43-47.
    • Landscapes in Transition, Jordan, March 2007
    • Invitations for STEPS (PPN6), Manchester, March 2008, First Circular

New Websites


  • In Memoriam Sytze Bottema: 3.

Field Reports

  • S. Fujii: A PPNB Agro-pastoral Outpost at Wadi Abu Tulayha, al-Jafr Basin: 4-14.
  • K. Bartl, M. Hijazi, A. Haidar: The Late Neolithic Site of Shir: Preliminary Report of the German-Syrian Cooperation Project 2006: 15-18.
  • C. Makarewicz, A.E. Austin: Late PPNB Occupation at el-Hemmeh: Results from the Third Excavation Season 2006: 19-23.
  • A. Ronen, G. Bar-Oz, D. Nadel: Burgata-Eli: A Multi-phase Neolithic Site in the Eastern Sharon Plain: 23-26.
  • N. Goring-Morris, M. Birkenfeld, O. Barzilai: Nahal Lavan 1006: An Ephemeral PPNB Camp Site in the Western Negev: 26-32.


  • B. Müller-Neuhof: An EPPNB Human Sculpture from Tell Sheikh Hassan: 32-38.

Short Note

  • K. Schmidt: Animals and a Headless Man at Göbekli Tepe: 38-40.


New Theses and Ongoing PhD and MA Research

Forum Neo-Lithics: Mailing List

  • 6th PPN Chipped Lithics Conference, Irbid, March 2007
  • Landscapes in Transition, March 2007
  • TAG Workshop on Consumption, Dec. 2006, Exeter
    • A. Abdulrahman, T. Richter, N. Samuelian, I. Groman-Yaroslavski, D. Rosenberg, C. Makarewicz, O. Nieuwenhuyse, A. Kaneda, A. Russell
    • Call for Submissions

Field Reports

  • B.D. Hermansen, I. Thuesen, C. Hoffmann Jensen, M. Kinzel, M.B. Petersen, M.L. Jørkov, N. Lynnerup: Shkârat Msaied: The 2005 Season of Excavation: 3-7.
  • M. Al-Nahar: The Neolithic Site of Tell Abu as-Sawwan, Jordan: Preliminary Report: 7-12.
  • H.G.K. Gebel, B.D. Hermansen, M. Kinzel: Ba‘ja 2005: ATwo-Storied Building and Collective Burials. Results of the 6th Season of Excavation: 12-19.
  • D. Rosenberg, A. Nativ: A Pottery Neolithic Clay Surface from Lod, Israel: Characteristics and Possible Meanings: 20-23.
  • B. Çelik: Sefer Tepe: A New Pre-Pottery Neolithic Site in Southeastern Turkey: 23-25.
  • K. Bartl: Shir: A Neolithic Site in the Middle Orontes Region, Syria: 25-27.


  • O. Barzilai, Y. Garfinkel: Bidirectional Blade Technology after the PPNB: New Evidence from Sha’ar Hagolan, Israel: 27-31.
  • M. Verhoeven: Equifinality, Clay and Tradition: Towards an Understanding of Tell Formation: 32-37.

Workshop Report

Comments on Recent Publications

New Publications and Theses

New Website

  • Marc Verhoeven: The Near East in the Far East – Tokyo Symposium: 37-40.
    • A. Ronen on Peltenburg & Wasse (eds.), Neolithic Revolution: New Perspectives on Southwest Asia in Light of Recent Discoveries in Cyprus: 40-42.
    • N. Ali, B. Müller-Neuhof, D. Rokitta
Neo-Lithics 2005/2 Download as pdf
Neo-Lithics 2005/1 Download as pdf
Neo-Lithics 2004/2 Download as pdf
Neo-Lithics 2004/1 Download as pdf
Neo-Lithics 2003/2 Download as pdf



  • G.A. Clark: Robert John Braidwood (1907-2003) & Linda Schreiber Braidwood (1909.2003)

Field Reports

  • D. Stordeur: Tell Aswad. Resultats préliminaire des campagnes 2001 et 2002
  • D. Cropper, C. Foley, and Urve Linnamae: Resultats from the Preliminary Investigations at Umm Meshrat I and II


  • A.H. Simmons and K. O'Horo: A Preliminary Note on the Chipped Stone Assemblage from Kritou Marottou Ais Yiorkis, an Aceramic Neolithic Site in Western Cyprus
  • K. Pustovoytov: Weathering Rinds at Exposed Surfaces of Limestone Rocks at Göbekli Tepe

Lab Reports

  • G. O. Rollefson: A Brief Note on the Tabulation of Debitage


  • L.A. Quintero, P.J. Wilke, and G.O. Rollefson: Lithic Studies at the Lithic Technology Laboratory, Departement of Anthropology, UC-Riverside


  • Michael Gregg: Biomolecular Research Into The Origins of Dairy Foods in Southwest Asia (PhD Dissertation Project)
  • Hans Georg K. Gebel and Gary Rollefson, bibliotheca neolithica Asia meridionalis et occidentalis

New Publications and Thesis


  • 5th Workshop on PPN Chipped Stone Industries, Fréjus (French Riviera), March 1st-5th 2004


Neo-Lithics 2002/2 Download as pdf

Editorial Note


  • Eric Coqueugniot: Jacques Cauvin (1930-2001) et le Néolithique du Levant Nord


  • Ran Barkai: Towards a methodology of Neolithic and Chalcolithic bifacial tool analysis
  • Phillip C. Edwards and Ghattas Sayej: Was the Hagdud Truncation a hafted Micro-Adze?

Field Reports

  • Phillip C. Edwards, John Meadows, Mary C. Metzger and Ghattas Sayej: results from the first season at Zahrat adh-Dhra, 2: a new Pre-Pottery Neolithic A site in the Dead Sea Plain in Jordan
  • Lea Rehhoff Kaliszan, Bo Dahl Hermansen, Charlott Hoffmann Jensen, Tim B.B. Skuldbøl, Mikkel Bille, Pernille Bangsgaard, Anna Ihr, Mette Low Sørensen, and Bente Markussen: Shaqarat Mazyad - the village on the edge
  • Alan Simmons and Mohammad Najjar: Preliminary report of the Tell Wadi Feinan Neolithic Testing Project
  • Gary O. Rollefson and Matthew C. Parker: Craft specialization at al-Basît, Wadi Musa, Southern Jordan
  • Klaus Schmidt: Göbekli Tepe - Southeastern Turkey. The seventh campagne 2001.

New Web Sites

Neo-Lithics 2001/2 Download as pdf
Neo-Lithics 2001/1 Download as pdf
Neo-Lithics 2000/2+3 Download as pdf
Neo-Lithics 2000/1 Download as pdf
Neo-Lithics 1999/3 Download as pdf
Neo-Lithics 1999/2 Download as pdf
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Neo-Lithics 1998/3 Download as pdf
Neo-Lithics 1998/2 Download as pdf
Neo-Lithics 1998/1 Download as pdf
Neo-Lithics 1997/3 Download as pdf
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Neo-Lithics 1996/1 Download as pdf
Neo-Lithics 1995/2 Download as pdf
Neo-Lithics 1995/1 Download as pdf
Neo-Lithics 1994/2 Download as pdf
  • Editorial
  • G.O. Rollefson, H.G. Gebel, and S.K. Kozlowski: On Cooperation in Southwest Asian Neolithic Lithics Research
  • H.G. Gebel and G.O. Rollefson: Protocols of the First Workshop on PPN Chipped Lithics Industries, Berlin, 29 March - 2 April 1993
  • G.O. Rollefson: Continued Threat to ‘Ain Ghazal: Open Letter to Near Eastern Prehistorians
  • Notes and News




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