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Pearls, Politics and Pistachios.Essays in Anthropology and Memories on the Occasion of Susan Pollock’s 65th Birthday, edited by Herausgeber*innenkollektiv, Berlin: exoriente (2021)


731 pages (full color), 46 contribution in English and German language, Softcover edition. For contents see
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Contents List

Maresi Starzmann: Scholarship as Gentleness, 3

I. TakIng a  Closer  look...

1. Reconstructing Communities

  • Constance von Rüden, From Face to Face. Dying and Not-Dying in the Aceramic Neolithic of the Levant, 13
  • Francesca Balossi Restelli, Group Perception and Identity Markers in the Neolithic Communities of Western Asia. The Case of Husking Trays in 7th Millennium Upper Mesopotamia, 33
  • Abbas Moghaddam & Negin Miri, Tol-e Chega Sofla Cemetery: A Phenomenon in the Context of Late 5th Millennium Southwest Iran, 47
  • Sepideh Saeedi, Proto-Elamite Communities under the Magnifying Glass, 61
  • Nicholas Postgate, Tablets and Tombs, 89
  • Leila Papoli-Yazdi & Omran Garazhian, Patterns of Post-Earthquake Domestic Architecture in Bam County (Southeastern Iran), an Archaeological Study, 103


  • Caroline Steele, Early Days, 119

2. At the Microscale – Find Analysis

  • Carolin Jauß, Lehm und Lebensmittel. Tonverschlüsse, ihre Nutzungseigenschaften und vier kleine Fallstudien aus dem uruk-zeitlichen Südwestiran, 123
  • Petr Charvát, Thresher of the Goddess Sud. An Early Dynastic Sealing from Kish, 143
  • Judith Thomalsky, Bifazialer Silex: Zur Kunsttechnik früher Silexschmiede, 151
  • Aydin Abar, A Perfect Circle. Production of Soft-Stone Vessels: Objects from the Late Umm an-Nar Site al-Maysar, Oman, 167
  • Takehiro Miki, The Number of Motif Units on Painted Pottery during the Chalcolithic Period in the Kur River Basin, Fars Province, Iran, 185
  • Morteza Hessari, A New Lion-Human Stamp Seal Impression from Tappeh Sofalin, Central Iranian Plateau, 197


  • Melody Pope, Remembrances from the Field – Excavating at Abu Salabikh with Susan Pollock. A Photo Essay, 203

II. WhIle keePIng The BIg PICTure

1. Cultural Interaction and Migration

  • Saman Heydari-Guran & Elham Ghasidian, Consistency of the “MIS 5 Humid Corridor Model” for the Dispersal of Early Homo sapiens into the Iranian Plateau, 219
  • Hassan Fazeli Nashli, Parisa Nekouei & Rouhollah Yousefi Zoshk, Cultural Interactions between Prehistoric Societies of the Central Iranian Plateau with Residents of the Central Zagros, Fars, and Southwestern Iran during the 5th Millennium BCE, 239
  • Henry T. Wright, Mesopotamian Interactions through the Perspective of Late Uruk Bottles, 259
  • Gabriela Castro Gessner & Anahita Nasrin Mittertrainer, Refining the Chronology of Historic Sites of the Čaa a-Meana Survey, Turkmenistan, 289
  • Tamara L. Bray, Imperial Encounters: Historical Contingency, Local Agency, and Hybridity, 303


  • Katherine A. Spielmann, Archaeology Meets World 321

2. Economy, War & Conflict

  • Svend Hansen, Bronzezeitliche Deponierungen im westlichen Eurasien, 333
  • Thomas Stöllner, in collaboration with Abolfazl Aali, Long-term Salt Mining in Chehrābād: Resilient Strategies in Accessing Mineral Resources at the Iranian Highlands, 357
  • Norman Yoffee, Notes on “The Eden that Never Was”, 375
  • Charles Cobb & Dawnie Steadman, Warfare and Structural Violence in Mississippian-Period Southeastern North America, 381


  • Hana Kubelková, Being Introduced to Archaeology in Central Asia, 395

III. QuesTIonIng  The  dIsCIPlIne

1. Revising Methods – Rethinking Archaeological Discourses

  • Barbara Hausmair, Kathrin Misterek & Judith Stern, Kategorisierung und Kategorien in der Archäologie der NS-Zeit, 399
  • Wolfram Schier, Stratigraphy vs Taphonomy? Towards an Integrative Approach to Stratification, 419
  • Hamid Fahimi, From Treasure Hunting to Archaeology as a Science. Causes and Motivations for the Commencement of Archaeological Research in Iran and the Role of Iranian Intellectuals, 445
  • Jan Johannes Miera, In Dubio pro Deo? Ein paar Gedanken über prähistorische Naturheiligtümer, 453
  • Stefan Burmeister, Hyper-Geschichte. Arminius und die Varusschlacht als Motor nationaler Identitätsbildung – Testschnitte in einem Diskursfeld 500 Jahre politischer Instrumentalisierung in Deutschland, 477
  • Barbara Helwing, What Do We Talk about when We Talk about “Proto-Elamite” in the Iranian Highlands? 493
  • Aydogdy Kurbanov, Southern Turkmenistan in the Neolithic Period: A Short Historiographical Review, 505
  • Dominik Bonatz, Die Lust am Untergang –Assurbanipal und die Dekadenz im Neuassyrischen Reich, 519


  • Georg Cyrus & Philipp Tollkühn, Neuzeitarchäologie, Unipolitik und die Macht der Lehre – Susan Pollock an der FU-Berlin, 533

2. Gender, Public & Postcolonial Archaeology

  • Susanne Kerner, Is There a Glass Roof or Is It Made from Clay? 547
  • Maria Bianca D’Anna, Nolwen Rol, Birgül Öğüt & Reem Aljader, “Women in a Men’s World”: Still? 557
  • Nicole Brisch, The Marginalization of Priestesses in Ancient Mesopotamia, 585
  • Marcella Frangipane (with a contribution by Aysun Tuna), Public Archaeology: What Does It Mean? Disseminating, Communicating and Sharing the Results of a Long-term Archaeological Project, 595
  • Hans Georg K. Gebel, Translating the Past. The Archaeological Dimensions, 617
  • Sebastian Hageneuer, Archaeogaming: How Heaven’s Vault Changes the “Game”, 631
  • Ruth M. Van Dyke & Randall H. McGuire, Settler Colonialism and Archaeology in North America: Challenges and Progress, 643
  • Brian Broadrose, Enabling Decolonization Discourse: Susan Pollock, 653
  • Yannis Hamilakis, The Redistribution of the Sensible: Photography and Contemporary Migration, 663


  • Inna Mateiciucová & Maximilian Wilding, A Letter to Susan 683


  • Reinhard Bernbeck, Nicht geschrieben und doch geschrieben: Eine Subjektivierungsgeschichte 687



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