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Neolithic Chipped Stone Industries of the Fertile Crescent, and Their Contemporaries in Adjacent Regions, ed. by S.K. Kozlowski and H.G.K. Gebel (1996).


IV + 460 p., 214 figs., 21 pls., 52 tables, 39 contrib., softcover
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Contents List


S.K. Kozlowski and H.G.K. Gebel: Following Goals and Cooperation in Near Eastern Neolithic Chipped Stone Research: 1-4

Adjacent Interaction Spheres and Taxa Discussions

  • F. Hole: A Syrian Bridge Between the Levant and the Zagros? 5-14
  • Y. Garfinkel: Critical Observations on the So-called Khiamian Flint Industry: 15-22
  • M. Kobusiewicz: Early Holocene Lithic Industries of Northeastern Africa: 23-36
  • G.F. Korobkova: The Djeitunian Industry, Southern Turkmenistan: 37-56
  • G.F. Korobkova: The Neolithic Chipped Stone Industries of the Southern Caucasus: 57-90
  • V. Masson: The Cultural Zones and Variations of the Late Chipped Stone Industries in Central Asia: 91-104
  • K. Szymczak and T. Gretchkina: The Perspectives of the Studies on the Early Neolithic of the Kyzylkum Desert. Ayakagytma "The Site" and Other New Collections: 105-126
  • K. Schmidt: Helwan in Egypt: A PPN Site? 127- 136
  • J. Kozlowski: Techno-Morphological Changes in the Early Holocene Lithic Industries in Southeastern Europe: 137-144
  • K. Szymczak: PPN Flint Assemblages with Microliths: What Do We find, What Do We Lose? 145-150

EPPNB- Problems

  • A. Gopher: What Happened to the Early PPNB? 151- 158
  • G.O. Rollefson: An EPPNB Settlement in the Wadi el-Hasa, Central Jordan: 159-160

Pre-PPN Traditions

  • S.K. Kozlowski: The Trialetian "Mesolithic" Industry of the Caucasus, Transcaspia, Eastern Anatolia, and the Iranian Plateau: 161-170
  • I. Gatsov: Epipalaeolithic Sites from NW-Turkey: 171-174
  • S.K. Kozlowski: From Zawi Chemi to M'lefaat: 175-182
  • D.I. Olszewski: The Lithic Transition to the Early Neolithic in the Zagros Region: Zarzian and M'lefatian Industries: 183-192
  • E. Hildebrand: Changes in Methods and Techniques of Blade Production during the Epipalaeolithic and Early Neolithic in the Eastern Fertile Crescent: 193-206
  • O. Bar-Yosef: Late Pleistocene Lithic Traditions in the Near East and Their Expression in Early Neolithic Assemblages: 207-216
  • A. Belfer-Cohen and N. Goring-Morris: The Late Epipalaeolithic as the Precursor of the Neolithic: the Lithic Evidence: 217-226

Specializations in Raw Materials, Industries, and Tool Kits

  • G.F. Korobkova: The Blades with "Mirror-Like" Polishing: Myth or Reality? 227-232
  • L.A. Quintero: Flint Mining in the Pre-Pottery Neolithic: Preliminary Report on the Exploitation of Flint at Neolithic 'Ain Ghazal in Highland Jordan: 233-242
  • P.J. Wilke and L.A. Quintero: Near Eastern Neolithic Millstone Production: Insights from Research in the Arid Southwestern United States: 243-260
  • H.G.K. Gebel: Chipped Lithics in the Basta Craft System: 261-270
  • T. Noy and S.K. Kozlowski: A Basket of Flint Artefacts from House 11 of Gilgal I, Locus 37/42: 271-288
  • P.J. Wilke: Bullet-Shaped Microblade Cores of the Near Eastern Neolithic: Experimental Replicative Studies: 289-310
  • Y. Nishiyaki: Side-Blow Blade-Flakes from Tell Kashkashok II, Syria: a Technological Study: 311-326
  • L. Copeland and M. Verhoeven: Bitumen-Coated Sickle-Blade Elements at Tell Sabi Abyad II, Northern Syria: 327-330
  • M. Beile-Bohn: The Glossed Blades from Nevalı Çori: Preliminary Results: 331-340
  • P. Anderson and F. Valla: "Glossed Tools" from Hayonim Terrace: Blank Choice and Functional Tendencies 341-362
  • K. Schmidt: Nevalı Çori: Chronology and Intrasite Distribution of Lithic Tool Classes. Preliminary Results: 363-376
  • T. Noy: Long Sickle Blades. A Case of Cultural Change in the PPN in the Southern Levant. Questions and Remarks: 377-384

Industries Reconsidered/ New Industries

  • I. Caneva, C. Lemorini, and D. Zampetti: Lithic Technology and Functionality Through Time and Space at Çayönü: 385-402
  • J. Conolly: Synopsis of Recent Findings From the Analysis of Obsidian and Flint Artefacts from Çatalhöyük East (Abstract): 403-404
  • J. Rafifar: Remarques sur l'industrie lithique Néolithique de l'Iran (10.000-6.000 av. J.-C.): 405-420
  • E. Coqueugniot et P. Anderson: L'industrie lithique d'El Aoui Safa, un nouveau site Khiamien à l'Est du Jebel el 'Arab (Désert Noir, Syrie du sud): 421-430
  • M. Molist and A. Ferrer: Industries lithiques pendant la période 8000-7500 B.P. à Tell Halula dans le cadre d' Euphrate moyen Syrien: 431-442
  • A. Gopher: A Preliminary Report on the Flints from 'Ain Darat, a PPNA Site in the Judean Desert: 443-452

Summary Issues

H.G.K. Gebel and S.Karol Kozlowski: Remarks on Taxonomy and Related Questions of Neolithic Chipped Stone Industries of the Fertile Crescent, as Related to Their Contemporaries in the Adjacent Regions: 453-460


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