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The Neolithic of the Iranian Plateau, edited by Kourosh Roustaei and Marjan Mashkour


20 contributions: 14 in English + 6 in Farsi, xiv + 356 pages, 165 figs. incl. 3 colour figs., 31 tables, paperback
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Contents List

Contents List of English Section

  • Foreword, by K. Roustaei and M. Mashkour
  • A Short Account on Kelek Asad Morad, A Pre-Pottery Neolithic Site in Pol-e Dokhtar, Luristan, by B. Moradi, M. Mashkour, H. Eghbal, F. Azadeh Mohaseb, T. Ghassimi, E. Rahmati, A.A. Vahdati, B. Gratuze and M. Tengberg
  • Preliminary Report on Two Seasons of Excavations at Tappeh Deh Kheir, Bastam Plain, Northeast Iran, by H. Rezvani and K. Roustaei
  • Kalāteh Khān: A Sixth Millennium BC Site in the Shahroud Plain, Northeast Iran, by K. Roustaei
  • Faunal Remains from Deh Kheir and Kalāteh Khān: Two Neolithic Sites of the Shahroud and Bastam Plains (Northeast Iran), by M. Mashkour, F. Azadeh Mohaseb and H. Rezvani
  • First Results of the Archaeobotanical Analysis at Kalāteh Khān in the Shahroud Plain, NE Iran, by M. Tengberg and B. David
  • Qale Rostam: Reconsidering the "Rise of a Highland Way of Life": An Integrated Bioarchaeological Analysis, by J. Daujat, M. Mashkour, A. Emery-Barbier, R. Neef and R. Bernbeck
  • Results of the Archaeobotanical Study of Rahmatabad, Fars, by M. Tengberg and H. Azizi Kharanaghi
  • The Early Pottery Neolithic Tradition of the Salmās Plain in Azerbaijan, Northwestern Iranian Plateau, by B. Ajorloo
  • The Development of Lithic Industries in Iran in the Light of the Processes of Neolithisation, by J. Thomalsky
  • Techno-Typological Observations on the Flaked Stone Industry of the Early Neolithic Settlement of Ganj Dareh, West Iran (the Tehran Collection), by Y. Nishiaki
  • New Evidence of the Aceramic Neolithic in Kohgilouyeh, Southern Zagros, by Aj. Azādi
  • Tang-e Khiareh: A Newly Discovered Neolithic Site in the Kur River Basin of Fars Province, Iran, by M. Zeidi, S. Hamzavi and N.J. Conard
  • Tappeh Poustchi: A Prehistoric Site in Shiraz, Fars Province, Iran, by S. Hamzavi and M. Zeidi

Contents of Farsi Section

  • New Findings of the Neolithic Period in the Gorgān Plain: Excavation at Tappeh Poukerdowāl, by G.A. Abbāsi, J. Nokandeh and H. Omrāni Rekāvandi
  • Preliminary Report on the Excavations at Tappeh Miānroud, Fars, by S. Ebrāhimi, A. Abolahrār and M. Zāre
  • Stratigraphic Excavation at Tal-e Atashi, Dārestān, Bam: Living Floors of a Pre-Pottery Neolithic Site, Southeastern Iran, by O. Gārāzhiān
  • The Neolithic Period in the Fārsān Area, Chāhār Mahāl-o Bakhtiāri, by A. Khosrowzādeh
  • Māi Tappeh and the Neolithic of the Iranian Central Plateau, by S. Sarlak
  • Ajorband: A Neolithic Site in the Qazvin Plain, by L. Niākān


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