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Dealing with the Dead, edited by Dana Ackerfeld and Avi Gopher


ex oriente, Berlin (2022) 14 contributions, 336 pages, 124 figs. incl. 92 colour illustrations, 19 tables, 2 frames, paperback [ISBN 978-3-944178-20-2]
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Contents List

Table of Contents

  • Dealing with the Dead. Burial Practices and the Relationship Between the Living and the Dead During the PrePottery Neolithic Period in the Levant, by Dana Ackerfeld and Avi Gopher (Chapter 1)
  • Burning Down the House: Burial Practices with Links to Architecture in Epipalaeolithic Jordan, by Lisa A. Maher and Danielle A. Macdonald (Chapter 2)
  • Moving On: Natufian After-life Phases and Stages. Hilazon Tachtit Cave as a Case Study, by Leore Grosman and Anna Belfer-Cohen (Chapter 3)
  • The Relationship Between Burials and Dwellings at the PrePottery Neolithic Boncuklu Tarla, Southeast Turkey, by Ergül Kodaş, İsmail Özer, Çağdaş Erdem, Charlotte Labedan-Kodaş, Ayşe Acar, Yunus Çiftçi, and İbrahim Sarı (Chapter 4)
  • “Somebody is in the Wall”: The Relation of the Dead with Architecture in the Pre-Pottery Neolithic Site of Dja’de elMughara (Syria, 9,310–8,290 cal BC), by Bérénice Chamel (Chapter 5)
  • Grasping Ritual Activities in the Pre-Pottery Neolithic B Funerary Spaces Based on Evidence from Tell Qarassa North and Kharaysin (Southern Levant), by Jonathan Santana, Juan Muñiz, Eneko Iriarte, Luis C. Teira, and Juan José Ibáñez (Chapter 6)
  • An Archaeothanatological Approach to Burials Unearthed in Aşıklı Höyük Between 1989 and 2000, by Yasemin Yılmaz (Chapter 7)
  • Cultural Practices, Epidemics, and Demographic Inference During the Levantine Neolithic, by Gary Rollefson (Chapter 8)
  • Dealing with the Dead at Beisamoun During the Middle PPNB: Revisiting Lechevallier’s Field Archives, by Fanny Bocquentin and Camille Noûs (Chapter 9)
  • Lime Plaster Materiality: Exploring Connections Between the Living, the Dead, and Built Spaces at MPPNB Nahal Yarmuth 38, by Dana Ackerfeld and Avi Gopher (Chapter 10)
  • The Relationship Between the Living and the Dead During the PPN: The Case of Cyprus, by Françoise Le Mort (Chapter 11)
  • Dealing with the Dead in the Neolithic of Southwest Asia, by Karina Croucher (Chapter 12)
  • The Thanatological Dimensions of the Ba`ja and Basta Burials (Southern Transjordanian LPPNB, 7,500–7,000 calBC). A Novel Approach to Sepulchral Environments, by Hans Georg K. Gebel, Marion Benz, and Joachim Bauer (Chapter 13)
  • Freeing the Dead from Their Homes: A New Relationship Between the Living and the Dead in the Kerkh Pottery Neolithic Cemetery, by Sari Jammo and Akira Tsuneki (Chapter 14)


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