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Neolithic Corporate Identities, edited by Marion Benz, Hans Georg K. Gebel and Trevor Watkins - nicht mehr lieferbar / no longer available -


13 contributions, VIII + 216 pages, 69 figs. incl. 42 in colour, 6 tables, paperback
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Contents List

Contents List
  • The construction of Neolithic corporate identities. Introduction, by Marion Benz, Hans Georg K. Gebel and Trevor Watkins
  • Neolithic corporate identities in evolutionary context, by Trevor Watkins
  • Human palaeoecology in Southwest Asia during the Early Pre-Pottery Neolithic (c. 9700-8500 cal BC): the plant story, by Eleni Asouti
Society and Economy
  • Neolithic corporate identities in the Near East, by Hans Georg K. Gebel
  • “Moving around” and the evolution of corporate identities in the late Epipalaeolithic Natufian of the Levant, by Anna Belfer-Cohen and Nigel Goring-Morris
  • The construction of community in the Early Neolithic of Southern Jordan, by Bill Finlayson and Cheryl Makarewicz
  • “I am We”: The display of socioeconomic politics of Neolithic commodification, by Gary O. Rollefson
  • Neolithic “cooperatives”: Assessing supra-household cooperation in crop production at Çatalhöyük and beyond, by Amy Bogaard
Symbols and Media
  • Changing medialities. Symbols of Neolithic corporate identities, by Marion Benz
  • Cultural memory: Symbols, monuments and rituals sustaining group identity, by Christa Sütterlin
  • Religion and materialism – Key issues of the construction of Neolithic corporate identities, by Lisbeth Bredholt Christensen
  • Dress code, hairstyles and body art markers of corporate identities in T-shaped-pillar sites of Upper Mesopotamia? by Michael G.F. Morsch
  • Hunter into prey. Trying to make sense of the “Media Revolution” at Göbekli Tepe, by Erhard Schüttpelz


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