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The Sands of Time. The Desert Neolithic Settlement at Ayn Abū Nukhayla, edited by Donald O. Henry & Joseph E. Beaver. (2014)


19 chapters, XI+380 pages, 149 figures including 8 colour illustrations, 64 tables. hardcover - [ISBN 978-3-944178-05-9], 1760 g
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Contents List

Acknowledgements, Contact Information for Corresponding Authors

Chapter 1.
The Problems, Questions, and Getting the Answers, by Donald O. Henry

Chapter 2. Geology, Landforms, and Depositional Systems in Wadi Rum 13, by Carlos E. Cordova, Regina DeWitt, and Barbara Winsborough

Chapter 3. The Setting, Site Plan, Excavation Strategy, and Integration of Evidence, by Donald O. Henry Chapter 4. The Stratigraphy, Occupational Phases, and Chronometry, by Donald O. Henry and Joseph E. Beaver

Chapter 5. The Built Environment: Architecture at Ayn Abū Nukhayla, by Joseph E. Beaver

Chapter 6. Hunting and Herding at Ayn Abū Nukhayla: The Vertebrate Faunal Assemblage, by Rebecca M. Dean

Chapter 7. Tracing Herding Patterns at Ayn Abū Nukhayla through Biogeochemical Analyses in Faunal Remains, byMarie Balasse, Jamal Salamah Al Zaidaneen, Rebecca M. Dean, T. Douglas Price, and Donald O. Henry

Chapter 8. Establishing the Environment, Seasonality, and Economy from Plant Micro-Remains: Pollen and Starch, by Aline Emery-Barbier

Chapter 9. Early Crop Cultivation and Caprine Herding: The Evidence from Phytolith and Fecal Spherulite Studies, by Marta Portillo and Rosa M. Albert

Chapter 10. Archaeobotanical Finds from Ayn Abū Nukhayla, by Joy McCorriston and Heidi Ekstrom

Chapter 11. The Technotypology of Chipped Stone Artifacts, by Donald O. Henry, April Nowell, Keith Mendez, Elizabeth Peterson, Matthew Senn, and Heather Rockwell

Chapter 12. Attribute Studies of Points, Perforators, Knives, and Lithic Caches from Ayn Abū Nukhayla, by April Nowell, Jennifer Gutzeit, Colleen Bell, and Donald O. Henry

Chapter 13. Under the Microscope: Edge Wear Analysis of Chipped Stone Artifacts and Intrasite Patterns, by Sean M. Bergin

Chapter 14. A Closer Look: High-Power Use-Wear Analysis of Prismatic Blades, by Marvin Kay

Chapter 15. The Worked Bone Assemblage from Ayn Abū Nukhayla: Implements and Ornaments, by Ashton J. Spatz and Agatha K. Baluh

Chapter 16. Ornaments of Shell and Stone: Social and Economic Insights, by Ashton J. Spatz, Daniella E. Bar-Yosef Mayer, April Nowell, and Donald O. Henry

Chapter 17. Groundstones and Grinding Technology, by Seiji Kadowaki

Chapter 18. Stratigraphic Identification and Spatial Examination of House Floors at Ayn Abū Nukhayla, by Donald O. Henry, Seiji Kadowaki, and Sean M. Bergin

Chapter 19. Pulling It All Together: Answers to Many Questions, by Donald O. Henry References Cited


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