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Domesticating Space: Construction, Community, and Cosmology in the Late Prehistoric Near East, ed. by E.B. Banning and M. Chazan (2006). - nicht mehr lieferbar / no longer available -


11 contributions, 112 pages, 52 figs., 7 tables, paperback
640 g



Contents List

  • E.B. Banning and M. Chazan: Structuring interactions, structuring ideas: Domestication of space in the prehistoric Near East: 5-14
  • T. Watkins: Architecture and the symbolic construction of new worlds: 15-24
  • D. Nadel: Residence ownership and continuity: From the Early Epipalaeolithic unto the Neolithic: 25-24
  • N. Samuelian, H. Khalaily, and F.R. Valla: Final Natufian architecture at ‘Eynan (‘Ain Mallaha): Approaching the diversity behind uniformity: 35-42
  • S.K. Kozlowski: The hunter-gatherer “villages” of the PPNA/EPPNB: 43-52
  • S. Kadowaki: Ground-stone tools and implications for the use of space and social relations at ‘Ain Abu Nukhayla, a PPNB settlement in southern Jordan: 53-64
  • H.G.K. Gebel: The domestication of vertical space: The case of steepslope LPPNB architecture in southern Jordan: 65-74
  • M. Verhoeven: Megasites in the Jordanian Pre-Pottery Neolithic B: Evidence for ‘Proto-Urbanism’? 75-80
  • Z.A. Kafafi: Domestic activities at the Neolithic site, ‘Ain Ghazal: 81-90
  • M. Cutting: Traditional architecture and social organisation: The agglomerated buildings of A!ıklı Höyük and Çatalhöyük in Neolithic Central Anatolia: 91-102
  • Y. Garfinkel: The social organization at Neolithic Sha‘ar Hagolan: The nuclear family, the extended family, and the community: 103-112.

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