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Reclaiming the Past for the Future: Oral History, Craft, and Archaeology. Adel Yahya in memoriam, ed. by R. Bernbeck, A. Badran, and S. Pollock


18 contributions, XIII+338 pages, 57 figs. incl. 6 in colour, 3 tables. A5 softcover
550 g



Contents List

I. Memories of Adel

  1. Remembering Dr. Adel Yahya: How a Pioneer of Palestinian Oral History Taught Me to Listen (Heidi Morrison)
  2. Guardian of Memory, Dr. Adel Yahya: Documenting History is a Form of Resistance (Faiha Q. Abdulhadi)


II. Palestinian Heritage Under Threat: Strategies for Mitigation 

  1. A View from the Bridge (Sandra A. Scham)
  2. The Jerusalem Heritage Zone: Two Policy Proposals (Raphael Greenberg)
  3. Archaeology and Bodies of Knowledge in the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict (Lynn Dodd and Ran Boytner)
  4. Cultural Heritage in Palestine: Challenges and Opportunities (Nazmi Jubeh)
  5. Many More Rivers to Cross: Experiments in Shared Heritage (Sandra A. Scham and Ann E. Killebrew)


III. Heritage of Resistance and Justice

  1. A Tribute to Dr. Adel Yahya: Preserving Palestinian Culture and Heritage (Janice Hayden)
  2. Cultural Heritage Management as Political Resistance (Rob Sauders)
  3. Heritage by NGOs in Palestine: Towards a Grassroots Politics of the Past? (Chiara de Cesari)


IV. Palestine and Colonialism: Historical Reflections

  1. Arab Jerusalem in the Age of Modernity and Empire: Oral Histories of a Palestinian City, its Schools, and Childhood Days, 1907 to 1987 (Thomas M. Ricks)
  2. Anti/Colonial Object Lessons: The Palestinian Association for Cultural Exchange (Maria Theresia Starzmann)
  3. Seizing Time and Space: The Intifada, Adel Yahya, Palestine, and the World (Roger Heacock)


V. Contributions to Archaeological Knowledge

  1. Was Sahab an Administrative Center during the Egyptian New Kingdom? (Moawiyah M. Ibrahim)
  2. Dead Sea Scroll Jars (Zeidan A. Kafafi)
  3. The Faunal Remains from Khirbet et-Tireh, Palestine (Salah H. Al-Houdalieh and Mohammad A. Al-Zawahra)
  4. A Future Archaeology of Modernity in Palestine (Reinhard Bernbeck and Susan Pollock)


VI. Afterword

  1. 18. A Palestinian Friendship (Heiko Flottau)


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