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The Prehistory of Jordan, II. Perspectives from 1997, ed. by H.G.K. Gebel, Z. Kafafi, and G.O. Rollefson (1997). - nicht mehr lieferbar / no longer available -


III + 662 p., 207 figs., 46 pls., 160 tables, 49 contrib., softcover
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Contents List


  • F. Parenti, A.H. al-Shiyab, E. Santucci, Z. Kafafi, and G. Palumbo, with an Appendix by C. Gutrin: Early Acheulean Stone Tools and Fossil Faunas from the Dauqara Formation, Upper Zarqa Valley, Jordanian Plateau: 7-22
  • P.G. Macumber and P.C. Edwards: Preliminary Results from the Acheulian Site of Mashana 1, and a New Stratigraphic Framework for the Lower Palaeolithic of the East Jordan Valley: 23-44
  • G.O. Rollefson, D. Schnurrenberger, L.A. Quintero, R. Watson, and R. Low: 'Ain Soda and 'Ain Qasiya: New Late Pleistocene and Early Holocene Sites in the Azraq Shishan Area, Eastern Jordan: 45-58
  • A.P. Olson: An Initial Techuotypological Analysis of J447, an Open-Air Levantine Mousterian Site in Southern Jordan: 59-68
  • D.O. Henry: Cultural and Geologic Successions of Middle and Upper Paleolithic Deposits in the Jebel Qallcha Area of Southern Jordan: 69-76
  • G.A. Clark, J. Schuldenrein, M.L. Donaldson, H.P. Schwarcz, W.J. Rink, and S.K. Fish: Chronostratigraphic Contexts of Middle Paleolithic Horizons at the 'Ain Difla Rockshelter (WHS 634), West-Central Jordan: 77-100
  • K.L. Roler and G.A. Clark: Use-Wear Analysis of Levallois Points from the 'Ain Difla Rockshelter, West-Central Jordan: 101-110
  • N.R. Coinman: Upper Paleolithic Technologies: Core Reduction Strategies: 111-124
  • K.W. Kerry: Jebel Humeima: a Preliminary Lithic Analysis of an Ahmarian and Levantine Monsterian Site in Southwest Jordan: 125-136
  • J.K. Williams: Tor Aeid, an Upper Paleolithic Site in Southern Jordan: 137-148
  • D. Schyle and H.G.K. Gebel: Upper Palaeolithic Siq Umm al-Alda, near Petra, Southern Jordan: 149-170
  • D.I. Olszewski: From the Late Ahmarian to the Early Natufian. A Summary of Hunter-Gatherer Activities at Yutil al-Hasa, West-Central Jordan: 171-182
  • L. Copeland: Status, Perspectives and Future Goals in Jordanian Palaeolithic Research: 183-192


  • I. Kuijt: Trying to Fit Round Houses Into Square Holes: Reexamining the Timing of the South-Central Levantine Pre-Pottery Neolithic A and Pre-Pottery Neolithic B Cultural Transition: 193-202
  • H. Mahasneh: The 1995 Season at the Neolithic Site of Es-Sifiya, Wadi Mujib, Jordan: 203-214
  • M. Waheeb and N. Fino: 'Ayn el-Jarnmarn: a Neolithic Site Near Ras en-Naqb, Southern Jordan: 215-220
  • H.G.K. Gebel and H.D. Bienert, with contributions by T. Kramer, B. Müller-Neuhof, R. Neef, J. Timm, and K.I. Wright: Ba'ja Hidden in the Petra Mountains. Preliminary Results of the 1997 Investigations: 221-262
  • L.A. Quintero, P.J. Wilke, and J.G. Waines: Pragmatic Studies of Near Eastern Neolithic Sickle Blades: 263-286
  • G.O. Rollefson: Changes in Architecture and Social Organization at Neolithic 'Ain Ghazal: 287-308
  • A. Simmons: Ecological Changes During the Late Neolithic in Jordan: A Case Study: 309-318
  • E.B. Banning and J. Siggers: Technological Strategies at a Late Neolithic Farmstead in Wadi Ziqlab, Jordan: 319-332
  • B.D. Hermansen: Art and Ritual Behaviour in Neolithic Basta: 333-344
  • M. Blackham: Changing Settlement at Tabaqat al-Bfima in the Wadi Ziqlab, Jordan: A Stratigraphic Analysis: 345-360
  • J. Lovell, Z. Kafaf, and G. Dollfis: A Preliminary Note on the Ceramics From the Basal Levels of Abu Hamid: 361-370
  • D. Baird: Goals in Jordanian Neolithic Research: 371-382

Chalcolithic and Related Early Bronze Age

  • C. Navarro i Barberan: Trois Ateliers de Taille de Silex B Abu Hamid (Jordanie): 383-394
  • S.J. Bourke: The "Pre-Ghassulian" Sequence at Teleilat Ghassul: Sydney University Excavations 1975- 1995: 395-418
  • S. Kerner: Specialization in the Chalcolithic in the Southern Levant: 419-428
  • C.A. Papalas, J.D. Eighmey, and G.A. Clark: Rock Rings: a Preliminary Report on Chalcolithic and EB I Settlement in the Wadi Hasa Drainage, West-Central Jordan: 429-440
  • H. Genz: Problems in Defining a Chalcolithic for Southern Jordan: 441-448
  • J.G. Fuensanta: The Chalcolithicl Early Bronze-Age Interface in Jordan. Connections With Urbanism in Riverine Southwest Asia? 449-454
  • M. Muheisen: Notes on the Early Bronze-Age Lithic Industry of Katarat es-Samra: 455-464
  • S. Kerner: Status, Perspectives and Future Goals in Jordanian Chalcolithic Research: 465-474


  • J. Peterson: Tracking Activity Patterns Through Skeletal Remains. A Case Study from Jordan and Palestine: 475-492
  • W. Rosendahl, M. Schmitz, and M.A. Hiyari: A First Note on New Localities of Pleistocene Mammals in Jordan. Preliminary Results of Field Research in 1995: 493-496
  • J.E. Richardson: An Analysis of the Faunal Assemblages from Two Pre-Pottery Neolithic Sites in the Wadi Fidan: 497-510
  • A. von den Driesch and U. Wodtke: The Fauna of 'Ain Ghazal, a Major PPNB and Early PN Settlement in Central Jordan: 511-556
  • I. Köhler-Rollefson: Proto-Élevage, Pathologies, and Pastoralism: a Post-Mortem of the Process of Goat Domestication: 557-566
  • L.A. Quintero and I. Kohler-Rollefson: The 'Ain Ghazal Dog: a Case for the Neolithic Origin of Canis familiaris in the Near East: 567-574
  • A. Wasse: Preliminary Results of an Analysis of the Sheep and Goat Bones from 'Ain Ghazal, Jordan: 575-592
  • A.H. el-Shiyab: Faunal Remains from 'Ain Rahub: 593-600
  • R. Neef, Status and Perspectives of Archaeobotanical Research in Jordan: 601-610
  • I. Köhler-Rollefson: The Future of Archaeozoological Research in Jordan: 611-514


  • Z. al-Saa'd, N. Abu-Jaber, and S. Bataineh: Provenance and Technology of Late Neolithic Pottery from Wadi Shu'eib, Jordan: 615-624
  • T. Rehren, K. Hess, and G. Philip: Fourth Millennium BC Copper Metallurgy in Northern Jordan: The Evidence from Tell esh-Shuna: 625-640
  • M.T. Crepaldi Affonso and E. Pernicka: INAA- Analysis of Late Pre-Pottery Neolithic Stone Rings from Basta: 641-650
  • R.B. Adams: The Early History of Copper Metallurgy in the Southern Levant: 651-656
  • Z. al-Saa'd: Status, Perspectives, and Future Goals in Archaeometric Research in Jordan: 657-662


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