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The Dawn of Farming in the Near East, ed. by R.T.J. Cappers and S. Bottema (1999).


I + 189 pages, 52 figures, 11 tables, paperback
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Contents List

  • R.T.J. Cappers, S. Bottema, H. Woldring, H. van der Plicht & H.J. Streurman: Modelling the emergence of farming: implications of the vegetation development in the Near East during the Pleistocene-Holocene transition: 3-14
  • D.O. Henry: Models of agricultural origins and proxy measures of prehistoric demographics: 15-26
  • S. Bottema: The use of palynology in tracing early agriculture: 27-38
  • H. Woldring: The Early-Holocene vegetation of Central Anatolia and the impact of farming: 39-48
  • L. Grosman and A. Belfer-Cohen: Zooming onto the 'Younger Dryas': 49-54
  • O. Bar-Yosef and A. Belfer-Cohen: Facing environmental crisis. Societal and cultural changes at the transition from the Younger Dryas to the Holocene in the Levant: 55-66
  • D.R. Harris: Development of the agro-pastoral economy in the Fertile Crescent during the Pre-Pottery Neolithic period: 67-84
  • N.F. Miller: Tracing the development of the agropastoral economy in Southeastern Anatolia and Northern Syria: 85-94
  • M.A. Blumler: Changing paradigms, wild cereal ecology, and agricultural origins: 95-112
  • M. Nesbitt: When and where did domesticated cereals first occur in southwest Asia? 113-132
  • G. Willcox: Geographical variation in major cereal components and evidence for independent domestication events in the Western Asia: 133-140
  • S. Colledge: Identifying pre-domestication cultivation in the archaeobotanical record using multivariate analysis: presenting the case for quantification: 141-152
  • M. Özdogan: Redefining the Neolithic of Anatolia. A critical overview: 153-158
  • J. McCorriston: Evolutionary ecology and historical contingency in the transition to food production in Mediterranean Southwest Asia and California. A comparative perspective: 159-176
  • I. Kohler-Rollefson and G.O. Rollefson: Brooding about breeding: Social implications for the process of animal domestication: 177-182
  • H. Buitenhuis: The transition from foraging to farming: the archaeozoological perspective in Anatolia: 183-189

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