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Jebel Abu Thawwab (Er-Rumman), Central Jordan. The Late Neolithic and Early Bronze Age I Occupations, ed. by Z. Kafafi (2001).


XIII + 222 pages, 2 colour plates, 77 figures, 42 plates, 23 tables, hardcover; with contributions by N. Abu-Jaber, B.D. Hermansen, I. Koehler-Rollefson, R. Neef, N. Qadi, R. Quraan, Z. al-Saa'd, D. Stordeur, & H. Wada
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Discovery and Location of Site Discovery of Site Site Location The Field Work The 1984 Season of Excavation The 1985 Season of Excavation The 1989 Season of Excavation The 1990 Season of Excavation The er-Rumman Survey (1985) The Stratigraphy Late Neolithic Layers Early Bronze Age I Layers The Late Neolithic Phase Architecture - Rectilinear Structures - Round Structures Pits - Food Storage Pits - Waste Disposal Pits - Firing Pits Pottery - Cups - Bowls - Jars - Kraters - Cooking-Pots Figurines - Human Figurines - Animal Figurines The Early Bronze Age I Phase Architecture - Rectilinear Structures - Round Structures Pits - Storage Pits - Cup-Hole Pits Pottery - Small Bowls or Cups - Deep Bowls - Spouted Bowls or Jars - Hole-Mouth Jars - Necked Jars Conclusions Industries and Subsistence Evidence The Chipped Stone Tools, by H. Wada The Ground Stone Industry, by N. Qadi The Shell Objects, by B.D. Hermansen The Bone Industry, by D. Stordeur Provenance and Technology of the Early Bronze Pottery, by N. Abu-Jaber, Z. al-Sa'ad, and R. Quraan The Palaeobotanical Remains, by R. Neef The Animal Bones, by I. Köhler-Rollefson Bibliography About the bibliotheca neolithica Asiae meridionalis et occidentalis


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