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Wadi Hammeh 27, Jordan Valley. Natufian Art Items. A Contextual Analysis, by Janine Major


X+372 pages, 302 figs. incl. 9 in colour, 140 tables, catalogue of art items no. 1-69, hardcover
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Contents List

1 Natufian Art

  • Introduction


2 The Natufian – ‘a Dramatic and Brilliant Appearance on the Scene’

  • Discovery of the Natufian
  • The Natufian Culture
  • The Natufian Setting – Geography and Environment
  • Precursors to Natufian Art – Examples from the Levant


3 Wadi Hammeh 27

  • Introduction
  • Excavation of Wadi Hammeh 27
  • Site Chronology
  • Site Formation Processes
  • Architecture
  • Decorated Artefact Types
  • Fauna
  • Flora
  • Mineral Resources
  • Human Burials
  • Conclusion


4 Classifying Natufian Art

  • Introduction
  • Defining Natufian Art
  • Quantifying Natufian Art
  • A Classification System for Natufian Art
  • Natufian Art – the Motif Categories
  • Gendering Natufian Figurines
  • Geometric Motifs
  • Natufian Art – the Artefact Types
  • Making Natufian Art – the Manufacture Process
  • Examining Natufian Art


5 The Art Items from Wadi Hammeh 27

  • Introduction
  • Catalogue of Art Items from Wadi Hammeh 27
  • Figures of Art Items from Wadi Hammeh 27


6 The Wadi Hammeh 27 Art Assemblage

  • Introduction
  • A Quantitative Analysis of Motifs Represented at Wadi Hammeh 27
  • Raw Materials Used in the Production of Art at Wadi Hammeh 27
  • Manufacturing Techniques Applied to the Art Items from Wadi Hammeh 27
  • Distribution of Phase 1 Art Items at Wadi Hammeh 27
  • Distribution of Art Items through Phases 1–4
  • Evidence for Re-ues of Art Items
  • Conclusion


7 A Temporal, Spatial and Technological Analysis of Natufian Art

  • Introduction
  • The Significance of the Wadi Hammeh 27 Assemblage
  • The Distribution of Natufian Art and Its Relationship to Site Type
  • Motifs Used in Figurative and Geometric Representations – an Evaluation of the Evidence for Shared Artistic Traditions and Site Specific Identities
  • Raw Materials and Manufacture Techniques Employed in the Production of Natufian Art
  • Conclusion
  • Tables
  • Figures


8 Interpreting Natufian Art Objects

  • Introduction
  • Evidence for Narrative in Natufian Art
  • Natufian ‘Notation’ Devices and the Challenges to Their Identification and Verification
  • Natufian Art – Ambiguous Forms and Elusive Intent
  • Found Objects – Shaped Stones and Manuports
  • Gender in Natufian Art – the Predominance of Male Iconography
  • Public Performance and Ritual at Wadi Hammeh 27


9 Conclusion




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