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Settlement, Survey and Stone. Essays on Near Eastern Prehistory in Honour of Gary Rollefson, edited by B. Finlayson and C. Makarewicz


ex oriente, Berlin in collaboration with the Council for British Research in the Levant, London (2014) (24 contributions, IX+ 259 pages, 136 figs. incl. 4 colour pages, 21 tables. softcover)
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Contents List

  • A Life with Stone: Gary Rollefson and the Archaeology of Jordan
    Morag M. Kersel
  • Gary O. Rollefson and the Stone Age of Jordan
    Geoffrey A. Clark
  • Reflections on Many Years of Friendship with Gary Rollefson (aka Dorian Grey-Rollefson)
    Alan H. Simmons
  • Margin or Centre? The Epipalaeolithic in the Azraq Oasis and the Qa’ Shubayqa
    Tobias Richter
  • The Late Pleistocene Occupation of Madamagh Rockshelter, Southern Jordan: New Data and Perspectives on an Old Excavation
    Brian F. Byrd, with a contribution by David S. Reese
  • Two Early Epipaleolithic Units in Area C at Yutil al-Hasa in the Wadi al-Hasa, Western Highlands of Jordan Deborah I. Olszewski
  • North and South – Variable Trajectories of the Neolithic in the Levant
    Anna Belfer-Cohen & Nigel Goring-Morris
  • Like a Carpet of Snakes – Towards an Iconography of the PPN in Upper Mesopotamia Klaus Schmidt and Çiğdem Köksal-Schmidt
  • An Integrated Approach to Raw Material and Techno-Typological Analyses: Insights on Provisioning, Economizing and Settlement Strategies at Ayn Abū Nukhayla
    Donald O. Henry
  • Settlement, Surveys, and Site Visibility. Where are the Neolithic Sites?
    Ted Banning
  • Make-believe Playhouses at Wadi Burma East: A Cognitive Approach to the Neolithic Unilinear Settlement in the Jafr Basin, Southern Jordan
    Sumio Fujii
  • Bridgehead to the Badia: New Biometrical and Isotopic Perspectives on Early Neolithic Caprine Exploitation Systems at ‘Ain Ghazal
    Cheryl A. Makarewicz
  • Houses of the Holy: The Evolution of Ritual Buildings
    Bill Finlayson
  • The Life Cycle of Pre-Pottery Neolithic B Plastered Skulls from the Southern Levant
    Yosef Garfinkel
  • Was Göbeklı Tepe Culture a Chiefdom That Failed?
    Ofer Bar-Yosef
  • The Neolithic Collapse, or the Transition from the Pre-Pottery Neolithic to the Pottery Neolithic
    Mehmet Özdoğan
  • The Cultural Diversity and Changes in the Sixth and Fifth Millennia in the Jordan Valley
    Zeidan A. Kafafi
  • Stone Enclosures and Late Prehistoric Pastoral Nomadic Campsites: A Methodological Review of al-Thulaythuwat Case Study, Southern Jordan
    Wael Abu-Azizeh
  • Pecking at Basalt: Photogrammetric Documentation of Petroglyphs in the Black Desert, Jordan
    Yorke M. Rowan and Austin “Chad” Hill
  • Flint ‘Bowl-lets’ and the Issue of Artificial Lighting in Neolithic Jordan Philip J. Wilke, Leslie A. Quintero and Hans-Georg K. Gebel
  • What Did They Need Arrowheads For? Thoughts About Projectile Points and Hunting Strategies in the SW-Asian PPN
    Bernd Müller-Neuhof
  • Non-Formal Sling Balls? Evidence of Geofact Commodification at LPPNB Ba‘ja, South Jordan
    Hans Georg K. Gebel
  • ‘Ain Ghazal and Wadi Shueib: Neolithic Personal Ornaments
    Maysoon Al Nahar
  • Figures with Raised Arms and Feet
    Denise Schmandt-Besserat 


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