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H.G.K. Gebel, Territoriality in Early Near Eastern Sedentism (forthcoming)
in: Sedentism: Worldwide Research Perspectives for the Shift of Human Societies from Mobile to Settled Ways of Life, ed. by M. Reindel et al. Proceedings of the Research Cluster 1 Workshop, 23rd-24th October, 2008 (Berlin, German Archaeological Institute). submission: 9/5/2010

00054, Upload: 14.05.2013

H.G.K. Gebel, The PPN1-6 Workshops: Agendas, Tendencies, Future.
in: E. Healey, S. Campbell and O. Maeda (eds), The State of the Stone: Terminologies, Continuities and Contexts in Near Eastern Lithics. SENEPSE 13: 1–22. Berlin: ex oriente (2011).

00055, Upload: 14.05.2013

H.G.K. Gebel, The Commodification of Water.
Neo-Lithics 2/10, 2010: 4-13.

00057, Upload: 14.05.2013

H.G.K. Gebel, Commodification and the Formation of Early Neolithic Social Identity. The Issues Seen From the Southern Jordanian Highlands.
in: M. Benz (ed.), The Principle of Sharing. Segregation and Construction of Social Identities at the Transition from Foraging to Farming. SENEPSE14: 31-80. Berlin, ex oriente (2010).

00058, Upload: 14.05.2013

H.G.K. Gebel, The Domestication of Vertical Space: The Case of Steep-Slope LPPNB Architecture in Southern Jordan.
in: Domesticating Space: Construction, Community, and Cosmology in the Late Prehistoric Near East. ed. by E.B. Banning and M. Chazan. SENEPSE 12: 65-74. Berlin: ex oriente (2006).

00027, Upload: 29.02.2008

H.G.K. Gebel, Central to What? The Centrality Issue of the LPPNB Mega-Site Phenomenon in Jordan.
in: Central Settlements in Neolithic Jordan. ed. by H.D. Bienert, H.G.K. Gebel, and R. Neef. SENEPSE 5: 1-19. Berlin: ex oriente (2004).

00028, Upload: 29.02.2008

M. Kinzel, Some Notes on the Reconstruction of PPNB Architecture.
Neo-Lithics 2/04: 18-21.

00038, Upload: 29.02.2008

H.G.K. Gebel, Subsistenzformen, Siedlungsweisen und Prozesse des sozialen Wandels vom akeramischen bis zum keramischen Neolithikum II: Grundzüge sozialen Wandels im Neolithikum der südlichen Levante.
Phd-Thesis Albert-Ludwigs-University of Freiburg (2002) published: http://www.freidok.uni-freiburg/volltexte/466

00025, Upload: 29.02.2008

H.G.K. Gebel, Walls. Loci of Forces.
in: Magic Practices and Ritual in the Near Eastern Neolithic. ed. by H.G.K. Gebel, B.D. Hermansen, and Ch. Hoffmann Jensen. SENEPSE 8: 119-132. Berlin: ex oriente (2002).

00029, Upload: 29.02.2008

H.G.K. Gebel and B.D. Hermansen, LPPNB Ba'ja 2001. A Short Note.
Neo-Lithics 2/01: 15-20.

00034, Upload: 29.02.2008

H.G.K. Gebel and B.D. Hermansen, The 2000 Season at Late PPNB Ba'ja.
Neo-Lithics 2+3/00: 20-22.

00033, Upload: 29.02.2008

H.G.K. Gebel, Flint "Bowlets" from the LPPNB of Southern Jordan.
Neo-Lithics 2/99: 12-13.

00030, Upload: 29.02.2008

H.D. Bienert and H.G.K. Gebel, Summary on Ba'ja 1997, and Insights From Later Seasons.
in: Central Settlements in Neolithic Jordan, ed. by H.D. Bienert, H.G.K. Gebel, and R. Neef. SENEPSE 5: 119-144. Berlin: ex oriente (2004).

00024, Upload: 29.02.2008

H.G.K. Gebel and H.-D. Bienert, The 1997 Season at Ba'ja, Southern Jordan.
Neo-Lithics 3/97: 14-18.

00032, Upload: 29.02.2008


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