Ba‘ja 2005: A Two-Storied Building and Collective Burials.
Results of the 6th Season of Excavation

Hans Georg K. Gebel, Free University of Berlin
Bo Dahl Hermansen, Carsten Niebuhr Institute, Copenhagen University

Moritz Kinzel, Technical University of Berlin


Ba‘ja 2005: A Two-Storied Building and Collective Burials. Results of the 6th Season of Excavation
A Two-Storied Building in Area B-North


We thank Julia Gresky, Alexandra (Sascha) Kozak, and Niko Roumelis (all of the Zentrum Anatomie, Göttingen University) as well as Christoph Purschwitz (Institute of Near Eastern Archaeology, Free University of Berlin) for contributing their excavation insights to this report. We thank Michael Schultz of the Zentrum Anatomie, Göttingen University for having been essentially helpful in preparing the season, and for preparing the human remains of Basta for publication.
The short 6th season of excavation at Ba‘ja was carried out between the 5th and 19th of Sept., 2005 in cooperation with the Department of Antiquities of Jordan, and under the auspices of ex oriente e.V. at Free University of Berlin. The Ba‘ja Neolithic Project is directed by Hans Georg K. Gebel, with Bo Dahl Hermansen as deputy director. The representative of the Jordanian Government was Hussein Asqer al-Serhan, Mafraq, who shared the supervision of the works in Test Unit 7. Moritz Kinzel as the new assistant director of the Ba‘ja Neolithic Project shared the main responsibility for directing the season. Many and warm thanks go to Dr. Fawwaz al-Khreisheh (Director-General, Department of Antiquities, Amman), Dr. Muhammad Najjar (Director of Excavations, Department of Antiquities, Amman), Muhammad Marahleh B.A. (Petra Archaeological Park, Petra), Eid Shteijan (mukhtar of Beidha), Talal al-Amareen (Petra Archaeological Park, Petra), and our workmen from Bir Dabaghat for helping the success of the season.



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