Short Report on the 1999 Season

by Hans Georg K. Gebel and Bo Dahl Hermansen


Short Report on the 1999 Season


We thank Ghazi Bisheh, former Director General of the Department of Antiquities for his generous support of the excavation, as well as Muhammad Ismael al-Salameen, the government representative, for his good, efficient, and trusting collaboration during the field work. We also express our thanks for the considerable assistance we received from Zeidoun al-Muheisen (Petra Regional Council), Suleiman Farajat and Muhammad Shobaki (Dept. of Antiquities, Petra-Section), Helge Fischer (German Association for Technical Cooparation, Petra), Sheikh Ibrahim al-Amareen (Beidha), Mukhtar Eid Steijan Salim al-Amareen (Beidha), Wendy Botham and Eid Nawafleh (Petra Moon Tourism Services, Petra), Zeidan Kafafi (Yarmouk University, Irbid), and Hamzeh Mahasneh (Mu'tah University, Kerak).

Warm gratitude is extended to the participants of the 1999 team who shared the severe working and living conditions: Juergen Baumgarten, Lisa Hove Beard, Boris Borowski, Hans Jerg Erlenmeyer, Vicki Glar, Pernille Bangsgaard Jensen, Mirrka Mikontytaer Junnonen, Kathrin Julia Sachsenberg, Klaus Traulsen, Peter Broedlau, John Deussing, and Henrik Jansson.

The project was financed by ex oriente with support from: the Carsten Niebuhr Institute, Copenhagen University; Dykkerhoff Zement GmbH, Wiesbaden; Heidelberger Zement AG, Heidelberg; Beton Marketing Ost, Berlin; Ernst-Reuter-Gesellschaft der Foerderer und Freunde der Freien Universitaet Berlin; Renate Hoelken-Broedlau, Hoexter; Manfred Lindner, Nuernberg; Wolfgang Kapp, Grenzach-Wyhlen; and Klaus Niepelt, Berlin. Material support was received from: Agfa Deutschland, Ilford Imaging GmbH, FujiFilm, Hamzeh Mahasneh, Hans J. Nissen, Helge Fischer, Hartmut Kuehne, and Ute Franke-Vogt.

We welcomed as visitors on the dig: Karin Bartl, Charlott Hoffmann Jensen, Lea Kalszan Rehhoff, Bernd Mueller-Neuhoff, Ingolf Thuesen, Gary O. Rollefson, Muhammad Shobaki, and the team and directors of the Utah University project digging near al-Bedul Housing.

We acknowledge with deep appreciation and sincerity the warmth of the hospitality and friendship of our workmen from the al-Amareen, al-Bedul, and al-Seyi'idin for their great efforts in the excavation. Respectfully, we dedicate our work to the Jordanian people and their heritage.

Note 1: The Carsten Niebuhr-Institute now has established -in cooperation with the Department of Antiquities, Amman- a new excavation at Shaqarat Mazyad [directed by Ingolf Thuesen, field directors: Lea Rehhoff Kaliszan & Charlott Hoffmann Jensen, Bo Dahl Hermansen (survey)], a small Middle PPNB settlement found by D. Kirkbride (Gebel 1988) endangered by road building some 4 km north of Ba'ja, where the remains of round houses and rich layers of organic material were uncovered August 1999.

Ba'ja 1999
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