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With your donation you help us to promote embedded archaeology on the prehistory in the Near East, cultural heritage projects as well as to support early career researchers and students.
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ex oriente is an independent scientific association devoted to interdisciplinary research and transnational cooperation in the study of human cultural development in the prehistoric Near and Middle East.
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Ba'ja Project

Field research since 1997
The Late Pre-Pottery Neolithic site of Ba'ja is well-known for its extreme setting within the rugged sandstone formations north of Petra. Up to now, no other early sedentary community is known for choosing such a shielded and hidden location.
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ex oriente publishers issue two series and one newsletter to promote knowledge on early Near Eastern production, subsistence, environment. While the Neo-Lithics helps the quick circulation of new insights and helps communication of the Near Eastern “Neo-Lithic family”, the two series are for final publications of Neolithic sites in Southwest Asia and for the publication of thesis, proceedings, etc.
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Neolithic Heritage Trail

To increase understanding and awareness
The Neolithic Heritage Trail is a project proposed to the Ministry of Tourism and Antiquities of Jordan to increase national and international understanding and awareness of the importance of the Neolithic of Southern Jordan and to enable the local community to be involved and benefit in the presentation of cultural heritage.
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ex oriente publishes the open access newsletter "NEO-LITHICS: The Newsletter of Southwest Asian Neolithic Research". All issues and articles of NEO-LITHICS are free available and downloadable.
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