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The main occupation of Shkârat Msaied is well fixed by several dates ranging between 8340 BC and 7960 BC. One older date, Aar 9336: 9150-8830 BC, might hint at an earlier occupation of the site, which was probably visited during the Epipalaeolithic because of its location on a high pass from the east into the Jordan valley.

14C Dates

 Code  BP Dev. Δ13C Location material References
Aar-9335 8880 80 Unit C In stone cist. CH. Ephedra Hermansen et al. 2006
Aar-9336 9590 90 Unit E CH, juniperus Hermansen et al. 2006
Aar-9337 8885 70 Unit E CH, pistacia Hermansen et al. 2006
Wk-15159 8977 60 Unit E CH, wood Hermansen et al. 2006
Wk-15160 9144 55 Unit E CH, wood Hermansen et al. 2006



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