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The six dates of Ganj Dareh indicate an occupation from the middle to the late PPNB. Whereas the sum of the radiocarbon dates of the short-lived seeds point clearly to the middle PPNB between 8230 BC and 7750 BC, the sum of the charcoal dates indicates a little later horizon between 7950 BC and 7300 BC, thus partly contemporary with Abu Hureyra.

An older date (GaK 807:10700-10050 BC) coming from the lowest layer possibly hints at an Epipalaeolithic occupation during the Younger Dryas, contemporary with the late Natufian.

14C Dates

 Code  BP Dev. Δ13C Location material References
GaK 807 10400 150 Niv. E, base of the tell CH Radiocarbon 9,1967,61
OxA 2099 8840 110 GD.Fl.70 S (hordeum) Hedges et al. 1990
OxA 2100 9010 110 GD.Fl.110 S (hordeum) Hedges et al. 1990
OxA 2101 8850 100 GD.Fl.129 S (hordeum) Hedges et al. 1990
OxA 2102 8690 110 GD.Fl.136c S (hordeum) Hedges et al. 1990
SI 922 8570 210 Niv. E CH Radiocarbon 15,1973,398
SI 923 8625 195 Niv.E CH Hole 1987
SI 924 8640 90 Niv. E CH Hole 1987
SI 925 8385 75 Niv.E, below SI 924 CH Hole 1987



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