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Because the calibration curve is very flat at 10000 BP, perhaps even rising a little, all radiocarbon dates of this range are increased after calibration by at least 200-300 years. For example, given a deviation of only +/-50 years, 10000 BP corresponds to 9660-9380 BC. The radiocarbon dates of Dhra’ clearly reflect this plateau (as do those of Hallan Çemi). The dates for Structure 1 (Σ: 9670-9390 BC) and for the Trank Trench (Σ: 9760-9390 BC) fall within this time range. It is therefore impossible to separate them chronologically. However, they are all earlier than the Mureybetian, and contemporary with the late Natufian/early Khiamian layers of Mureybet[1] and Hallan Çemi. Only Structure 4 is slightly later, around 9400-9250 BC, and thus contemporary with the early Phase III-East of Jerf el Ahmar

[1] The Khiamian Niveau IIB at Mureybet is not radiocarbon dated.


14C Dates

 Code  BP Dev. Δ13C Location material References
AA-38141 10031 69 AMS, Trank trench 2.3 CH, Holz Kuijt, Finlayson 2001
AA-38142 10059 73 AMS, Trank trench, 1.8m CH, Holz Kuijt, Finlayson 2001
AA-38143 9984 67 AMS, F6, Struktur 1, 1.31.m CH, Holz Kuijt, Finlayson 2001
AA-38144 10000 68 AMS, F6, Struktur 1, 1.01m CH, Holz Kuijt, Finlayson 2001
ISGS-2898 9960 110 Area I, Trank trench, 1.2 m CH, Holz Kuijt, Finlayson 2001
ISGS-3277 9610 170 F6, Struktur 1, 1.25m CH, Holz Kuijt, Finlayson 2001
ISGS-3278 9940 180 Trank Trench, 2.6m CH, Holz Kuijt, Finlayson 2001
ISGS-A0246 9913 59 AMS, F1, Struktur 4, 1.01m CH, Holz Kuijt, Finlayson 2001
ISGS-A0248 9835 65 AMS, F1, Struktur 4, 0.40m CH, Holz Kuijt, Finlayson 2001



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