Managing committee

H.G.K. Gebel Reinder Neef Christoph Purschwitz Marion Benz




Profile: physician, working as anthropologist/paleopathologist


Curriculum vitae

1997 - 2004

Studies in Human Medicin, Georg-August–University, Göttingen. Internships in Vienna, Zurich, Göttingen


assistant in anatomical dissecting course at the Georg-August–University, Göttingen

1999 - 2008

assistant in the Paleopathology Workgroup of Prof. Dr. Dr. M. Schultz, Georg-August–University, Göttingen

2004 - 2007

medical assistant in Orthopedics in Göttingen Humanitarian Medical Experience and Research in Sierra Leone (2005) with the organization ´Orthopäden für die Dritte Welt e.V.´


PhD in anatomy with a paleopathological topic: Etiology and und Epidemiology of Diseases of the Cranium in the early medieval Population of Harting, Oberpfalz. (academic award of the Commerzbank-trust 2008, Universitätsbund Göttingen e.V.)

2007 - 2008

work as anthropologist/paleopathologist in various projects of the Paleopathology Workgroup Göttingen and projects of the German Archaeological Institute, and the Austrian Archaeological Institute in Jordan, Turkey, Egypt, Hungary, China

since November 2008

work as anthropologist/paleopathologist at the Department of Natural Sciences of the German Archaeological Institute



recent Publications

  • Benz M., Gresky J., Štefanisko D., Alarashi H., Knipper C., Purschwitz C., Bauer J. and Gebel H.G.K., Burying power: New insights into incipient leadership in the Late Pre-Pottery Neolithic from an outstanding burial at Ba`ja, southern Jordan. PLoS ONE 14(8), 2019:e0221171.
  • Gebel H.G.K., Benz M., Purschwitz C., Alarashi H., Bauer J., Gresky J., Heidkamp B., Abuhelaleh B., Miškolciová L., Keßeler A., Kubíková B., Štefanisko D., Strauss M. and Wellbrock K., Household and death, 2: Preliminary results of the 12th season (2018) at late PPNB Ba`ja, southern Jordan. Neo-Lithics 19:20-45.
  • Gresky J, Kalmykov A, Berezina N. 2017. Benign Fibro-Osseous Lesion of the Mandible in a Middle Bronze Age Skeleton from Southern Russia. Int. J. Paleopath.
  • Gebel HGK, Benz M, Purschwitz Ch, Kubíková B, Štefanisko D, S. al-Souliman A, Tucker K, Gresky J, and Abuhelaleh B. 2017. Household and Death: Preliminary Results of the 11th Season (2016) at Late PPNB Ba'ja, Southern Jordan. NEO-LITHICS 1/17. The Newsletter of Southwest Asian Neolithic Research
  • Gresky J, Haelm J, Clare L. 2017 Modified human crania from Göbekli Tepe provide evidence for a new form of Neolithic skull cult. Science Advances. DOI: 10.1126/sciadv.1700564, published 28 June 2017, Sci. Adv. 3, e1700564 (2017)
  • Tucker K, Berezina N, Reinhold S, Kalmykov A, Belinskiy A, Gresky J. 2017. An Accident at Work? Traumatic lesions in the skeleton of a 4th millennium BC "wagon driver" from Sharakhalsun, Russia. HOMO Volume 68, Issue 4, Pages 256-273
  • Gresky J, Batieva E, Kitova A, Kalmykov A, Belinskiy A, Reinhold S, Berezina N. 2016. New cases of trepanations from the 5th to 3rd millennia BC in Southern Russia in the context of previous research: Possible evidence for a ritually motivated tradition of cranial surgery? American Journal of Physical Anthropology 160/4, pp. 665–682. DOI: 10.1002/ajpa.22996




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