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Neo-Lithics 1/04


The Newsletter of Southwest Asian Neolithic Research edited by G.O. Rollefson and H.G.K. Gebel 64 pages, 5,00 € plus postage
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Contents List


  • E. Peltenburg: Cyprus: A Regional Component of the Levantine PPN: 3-7.
  • I. Kuijt: Cyprus as a Regional Neolithic Entity: Do Researchers Need to Revisit the Concept ofthe Levantine PPNB Interaction Sphere?: 8-9.
  • A. Le Brun: Brèves remarques sur une longue histoire: 10-11.
  • M. Özdoğan: Cyprus: A Regional Component of the Levantine PPN: 11-12.
  • G.O. Rollefson: Cultural Genealogies: Cyprus and Its Relationship to the PPN Mainland: 12-13.
  • A.Sampson and S. Katsarou: Cyprus, Aegean, and Near East During the PPN: 13-15.
  • A.H. Simmons: The Mediterranean PPNB Interaction Sphere?: 16-18.
  • E. Peltenburg: Response to Commentators: 18-20.

Supra-Regional Concepts II

  • G.O. Rollefson and H.G.K. Gebel: Towards New Frameworks: Supra-Regional Concepts in Near Eastern Neolithization. Short Note on an 4ICAANE Workshop Hold in Berlin, 1-2 April 2004: 21-22.
  • E. Asouti: The Contribution of Subsistence Archaeology to Generating Supra-Regional Models for Understanding Near Eastern Neolithisation: 23-24.
  • O. Bar-Yosef: Targets of Current Neolithic Research in Southwestern Asia: 24-27.
  • M. Benz: The Emic View: Social Questions of the Neolithisation of the Near East: 27-28.
  • H.G.K. Gebel: There Was No Center: The Polycentric Evolution of the Near Eastern Neolithic: 28-32.
  • D. O. Henry: Assessing the Degree of Supra-Regional Homogeneity in Cultural Elements Within the Near Eastern Neolithic: 32-33.
  • B. D. Hermansen: Supra-Regional Concepts From a Local Perspective: 34-38.
  • M. Nesbitt: Can We Identify a Centre, a Region, or a Supra-Region for Near Eastern Plant Domestication?: 38-40.
  • M. Özdoğan: Definitions, Perceptions, and Borders: 41-42.
  • E. Peltenburg: Space and Perishables: Some Implications of an Expanded Near Eastern Neolithic: 42-43.
  • J. Peters: Supra-Regional Understanding of Near Eastern Neolithization: An Archaeozoological Perspective: 43-45.
  • G.O. Rollefson: A Reconsideration of the PPN koiné: Cultural Diversity and Centralities: 46-48.
  • A.H. Simmons: Comment on the Supra-Regional Concept Issue: 48.
  • D. Stordeur: New Insights and Concepts: Two Themes on the Neolithic of Syria and South-East Anatolia: 49-51.
  • G. Willcox: Last Gatherers/First Cultivators in the Near East: Regional and Supra-Regional Developments: 51-52.

Fréjus Workshop

  • 5th Workshop on PPN Chipped Stone Industries
  • F. Hole: Brief Report on the 5th PPN Chipped Lithics Workshop, Fréjus, France (1-5 March 2004): 53-55.
  • E. Coqueugniot: Discussant Report: Middle and Late PPNB Lithic Variability: 55-56.
  • F. Hole: Chairperson Report: Caches: 57.
  • M.-L. Inizan: Conclusions: La diversité des systèmes techniques des communautés du Néolithique pré-céramique: vers la caractérisation des comportements sociaux: 58.
  • H.G.K. Gebel: The PPN Chipped Stone Dictionary: An Old Idea of a Joint On-line Project by the PPN Chipped Lithics Workshops: 59-60. Towards the 6th Workshop on PPN Chipped Stone Industries, 2007, Irbid, Jordan: 60.

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