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Neo-Lithics 2/05


The Newsletter of Southwest Asian Neolithic Research edited by G.O. Rollefson and H.G.K. Gebel 56 pages, 6,00 € plus postage
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Contents List


The Early Neolithic Origin of Ritual Centers

Introductory Note


  • G.O. Rollefson: Early Neolithic Ritual Centers in the Southern Levant: 3-13.
  • K. Schmidt: „Ritual Centers“ and the Neolithisation of Upper Mesopotamia: 13-21.


  • A. Belfer-Cohen, N. Goring-Morris: Which Way to Look? Conceptual Frameworks for Understanding Neolithic Processes: 22-24.
  • B. Boyd: Some Comments on Archaeology and Ritual: 25-27.
  • H.G.K. Gebel: On PPN Ritual Centralities: 27-29.
  • B.D. Hermansen: Ritual as Function, Ritual as Social Practice?: 29-30.
  • F. Hole: Arguments for Broadly Contextualizing Ritual: 30-31.
  • Z.A. Kafafi: Stones, Walls, and Rituals: 32-34.
  • I. Kuijt: The Materiality of Ritual on the Social Landscape: Questions and Issues: 35-37.
  • T.E. Levy: The View from the End of the Trajectory: 37-39.
  • D. Schmandt-Besserat: About “Hieroglyphs” – ANeolithic System of Sacred Symbols: 39.
  • M. Verhoeven: The Centrality of Neolithic Ritual: 40-42.
  • D.A. Warburton: Early Neolithic Ritual Centers: 42-47.
  • T. Watkins: Ritual Centers for Socio-Cultural Networks: 47-49.

Replies to Commentators

  • G.O. Rollefson: 50-52.
  • K. Schmidt: 52-53.


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