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The radiocarbon dates of Ain el-Kerkh are consistent with the stratigraphy, except for one date (OxA 2555) from material that was probably dislocated from a lower layer.[1] The sum of the dates indicates an occupation of the settlement between 8550 BC and 8310 BC.[2]

[1] It is striking that the conventional date of Lyon is the most recent one, although its stratigraphic position was in a middle layer. As no other sample of the same layer has been dated by another laboratory, it is not possible to verify if the deviation of the date is due to the laboratory.

[2]Σ: 8550 BC (11.9%) 8500 BC; 8490 BC (56.3%) 8310 BC.

14C Dates

 Code  BP Dev. Δ13C Location material References
no precise location possible
GrA 22276 9240 50 Square D6, Layer 9 AK 01 D6b-44 CH Tsuneki et al. 2006
GrA 22277 9350 90 Square D6, Layer 9 AK 01 D6b-45 CH Tsuneki et al. 2006
Ly 12086 9205 60 Square D6, Layer 8, AK 02 D6b-31 CH Tsuneki et al. 2006
OxA 2555 9250 40 Square D6, Layer 7, AK 02 D6b-18 CH Tsuneki et al. 2006
OxA 2556 9165 40 Square D6, Layer 7, AK 02 D6b-29 CH Tsuneki et al. 2006



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