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Tell 'Abr 3 is a PPNA site with several communal buildings and important symbolic discoveries (Yartah 2004; 2005; 2013). The site is located on the left border of the Euphrates, about 15 km south of the modern Turkish frontier. The radiocarbon samples were taken from the upper levels of the stratigraphie from two communal buildings: M10b and M1a  from the North and South part of the tell, respectively.

Both radiocarbon data series are very close together confirming the typological attribution of the site to the later phase of the PPNA in northern Syria, almost contemporary with Jerf el-Ahmar.

The sum of the data from building M1a ranges (1sigma) between 9260-9130 [57.9%] and 8980-8930 [10.3%] cal BC and the sum of the calibrated data from building M10b between 9280-9170 (68.2%) cal BC. Given that the main ranges overlap largerly, both buildings were probably contemporary. All samples were taken on grains (Yartah 2013:72).

The lower levels of the settlement have not been dated yet. So the beginning of the occupation might have started earlier, perhaps even during the first phase of the PPNA.

14C Dates

 Code  BP Dev. Δ13C Location material References
Ly-2805 9705 60 ? Niveau I/South G4. US.118, 194. Contexte: M1a (communal building) S Yartah 2013:72
Ly-2806 9690 60 ? Niveau: I/South, G4. US.118, 190 Context: M1a (communal building) S Yartah 2013:72
Ly-2807 9705 55 ? Niveau: I/South G4, US. 118, 192 Context: M1a (communal building) S Yartah 2013:72
Ly-2808 9685 55 ? Niveau: I/South, G5, US. 188, 193 Context: M1a (communal building) S Yartah 2013:72
Ly-5235 9750 50 ? Niveau: I/North, D3, US 325, 332 Context: M10b (communal building) S Yartah 2013:72
Ly-5236 9700 50 ? Niveau: I/North, D3, US.315, 332 Context: M10b (communal building) S Yartah 2013:72
Ly-5237 9730 50 ? Niveau: I/North, D3, US.315, 332 Context: M10b (communal building) S Yartah 2013:72



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