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► WORK IN PROGRESS: 5 radiocarbon dates have been published recently from this important early Holocene site on the western shore of Lake Gusir1, southeast of Siirt, in southeastern Turkey. The site is endangered by the Ilisu Dam Project (Karul 2011:1-17). Because the studies of radiocarbon dating of the site are still on-going, the data are cited without any analyses, awaiting further comments by the excavators.

[1] In former publications the site was referred to as Güsir, but Gusir being the local denomination the excavators decided to use this name.

14C Dates

 Code  BP Dev. Δ13C Location material References
KIA 44176 9920 40 2 GSR Karul 2011:6
KIA 44177 9900 40 3GSR Karul 2011:6
KIA 44179 9935 40 5 GSR Karul 2011:6
KIA 44180 9590 45 6GSR Karul 2011:6
KIA44178 9975 50 4 GSR Karul 2011:6



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