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There are three radiocarbon dates of the Neolithic site of Ba'ja (Bienert, Gebel 1997; Gebel, Hermansen 1999, 2001, 2004; Gebel et al. 2006; Gebel, Kinzel 2007). They were taken from a small test trench at the beginning of the 1997 excavation. Two later dates, Bln 5035: 6990-6650 BC and Bln 5036: 6820-6650 BC, provide dates ante quem for the occupation of the site, as the samples come from later deposits. Bln 5123: 7130-7045 BC is from a late occupation phase; but the older layers of Ba'ja have not yet been radiocarbon dated. According to the material remains, Ba'ja should be dated between 7500 BC and 6900 BC (pers. comm. Gebel 2009).

14C Dates

 Code  BP Dev. Δ13C Location material References
Bln 5035 7887 43 C22; loc. 18, Sample 7413; Raumverfüllung CH (wood: juniperus) Görsdorf 2002, Reinder Neef (pers. comm.)
Bln 5036 7910 44 C22; loc. 3, Sample 7404 CH (wood;juniperus + indet) Görsdorf 2002, Reinder Neef (pers. comm.)
Bln 5123 8100 33 C12, loc. 20; Sample 1/99/14C; 7418 CH (wood: juniperus; pistacia) Görsdorf 2002, Reinder Neef (pers. comm.)



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