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The radiocarbon dates for the Neolithic site of Cafer Höyük attest an occupation during the middle PPNB. The dates considered for calibration correlate well with the stratigraphy, except Ly 3091, which seems to be intrusive from a lower layer. But as it falls within the time range of the earlier dates, it can be used for the dating of the older phases.
The excavators discarded two dates as too young (Ly 3773; Ly 3089) (Molist, Cauvin 1991:110). Because of their high standard deviations these two dates have not been considered for the calibration.

Comparing the stratigraphy with the calibrated dates, the range of the dates can be centred between 8310 BC and 7510 BC. This is in good accordance with the architecture and the flint artefacts, although the high percentage of microliths (30%) from the lowest layers (XIII-VIII) is striking and might indicate an earlier occupation (Cauvin 1989:80; Cauvin, Aurenche 1982:125-127; Helmer 2008:170-171).

14C Dates

 Code  BP Dev. Δ13C Location material References
Ly 2181 8450 160 layer E, in the wall, sounding 1 CH Cauvin, Aurenche 1982:127
Ly 2182 8990 160 sounding 2, lowest neolithic layer. CH Cauvin, Aurenche 1982:127
Ly 2522 8400 220 IV c CH Canew.org
Ly 2523 8600 120 Ivc, West area CH Canew.org
Ly 3089 8150 210 IV, D1a CH Molist, Cauvin 1991
Ly 3090 8920 160 V, E 1c CH Molist, Cauvin 1991
Ly 3091 8980 150 IV, D 3c [too old?; intrusiv?] CH Molist, Cauvin 1991
Ly 3772 8480 140 VI, cell 65 CH Molist, Cauvin 1991
Ly 3773 7900 190 VI, foyer 33 CH Molist, Cauvin 1991
Ly 4436 9560 190 XII CH Molist, Cauvin 1991
Ly 4437 8950 80 XI, foyer 124 CH Molist, Cauvin 1991



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