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The site of Ramat Harif is, apart from Maaleh Ramoon, one of the rare radiocarbon-dated settlements of the Harifian, and the dates accord well with the stratigraphy. The sum of the dates for the older Layer 3 ranges between 10650 BC and 10100 BC, right in the middle of the Younger Dryas. The dates of the younger Layer 7 are between 10200 BC and 9450 BC, just reaching into the Holocene. This younger phase would correspond to the Khiamian of Mureybet.

14C Dates

 Code  BP Dev. Δ13C Location material References
Pta 3001 10300 100 L3 220-225 CH Byrd 1994:219
Pta 3009 10500 100 L3 280 CH Byrd 1994:219
Pta 3284 10380 100 L3 275-280 CH Byrd 1994:219
Pta 3285 10390 100 L3 210-220 CH Byrd 1994:219
Pta 3286 10100 100 L7 180-185 CH Byrd 1994:219
Pta 3288 10250 100 L7 220-225 CH Byrd 1994:219



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