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Unfortunately Nahal Hemar Cave was initially excavated by amateurs and therefore the stratigraphic positions of many of its finds are not clear (Bar-Yosef 2003:74-76). Even the original position of the skull burials are in doubt. Despite this uncertainty Bar Yosef (2003:75) assigns them to Layer 4, the lowest, and this has been generally accepted.
The radiocarbon dates correlate well with the stratigraphy, except OxA 1014, which indicates into Layer 3B. The sum of the dates for the oldest layer, Layer 4, ranges between 8210-7780 BC. Layer 3B dates between 7820 BC and 7570 BC; and the Layer 3A, the youngest, dates between 7450 BC and 7080 BC.

14C Dates

 Code  BP Dev. Δ13C Location material References
BM 2298 8250 70 Stratum 3A CH Bar-Yosef, Alon 1988
BM 2300 8690 70 Stratum 3B String Bar-Yosef, Alon 1988
BM2299 9210 300 Stratum 4 Linen Bar-Yosef, Alon 1988
OxA 1014 8600 120 Stratum 3A net fragments Bar-Yosef, Alon 1988
Oxa 1015 8500 220 Stratum 3A Piece of twined napkin Bar-Yosef, Alon 1988
OxA 1016 8810 120 Stratum 4 "knotted fabric" Bar-Yosef, Alon 1988
Pta 3625 8850 90 Stratum 4 Linen Bar-Yosef, Alon 1988
Pta 3650 8270 80 Stratum 3A CH Bar-Yosef, Alon 1988
RT 650 8100 100 Stratum 3A CH 1) Bar-Yosef, Alon 1988 2) Bar-Yosef 2003.



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