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The radiocarbon dates of M’lefaat are interesting because all the dates of Gliwice (Gd) except one, Gd 6356, are much older than the Oxford AMS dates. Although most of these old dates have been discarded because of their large deviations, they should be kept in mind for the interpretation of the radiocarbon dates of other Gd-dated sites (e.g. Qermez Dere, Nemrik 9).

Despite this problem, the site is dated quite precisely by several lentil seeds. As the samples do not come from the same context, but from the fill of Houses 3 and 8, their calibration ranges cannot be combined. If all the lentils documented one occupation phase, it would date between 9270 BC and 9240 BC; but because of the short overlap of the dates, they could also indicate two separate occupational phases of the Houses 3 and 8. Whereas the early dates concentrate between 9660 BC and 9220 BC, the third lentil date and Gd-6356 (discarded by Kozlowski) point to a slightly later range between 9250 BC and 8840 BC.

14C Dates

 Code  BP Dev. Δ13C Location material References
Gd 4465 10850 200 Upper Layer: hearth A CH Kozlowski 1994:262f.
Gd 4483 12810 660 House 4, fill CH Kozlowski 1994:262f.
Gd 4652 13830 300 House 8, fill CH Kozlowski 1994:262f.
Gd 4658 12360 280 House 8, foundation CH Kozlowski 1994:262f.
Gd 6149 10290 180 House 3A, fill CH Kozlowski 1994:262f.
Gd 6150 10890 140 Upper Layer: hearth B CH Kozlowski 1994:262f.
Gd 6356 9630 130 House 8, floor CH Kozlowski 1994:262f.
Gd 6363 13540 180 Upper Layer: house fill 3 CH Kozlowski 1994:262f.
OxA 3747 9870 140 Houses 3, upper layer S (Lens sp.) Kozlowski 1994:262f.; Kozlowski 1998 b.
OxA 3748 9890 120 House 8, bottom layer S (Lens sp.) Kozlowski 1994:262f., Kozlowski 1998b.
OxA 3749 9660 250 House 8, bottom layer S (Lens sp.) Kozlowski 1994:262f., Kozlowski 1998b.
OxA 3819 9680 100 House 3, upper layer S (Lens sp.) Kozlowski 1994:262f., Kozlowski 1998b.



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