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The dates of Wadi el Jilat 7 range between 8200-7350 BC, with one old date, OxA 526 (8200-7730 BC), that does not overlap with the two younger dates OxA 527 (7680-7450 BC) and OxA 2415 (7540-7350 BC). This separation into at least two occupational phases is consistent with the stratigraphy.[1]

Most of the dates for other areas of Wadi el Jilat (6, 13, 24) are dated to horizons later than 7000 BC. One date of Wadi el Jilat 6 (OxA 522: 11750-11530 BC) indicates occupation before the Younger Dryas.

[1] Edwards et al. (2004) considered OxA 1799 too young.

14C Dates

 Code  BP Dev. Δ13C Location material References
OxA-1799 5840 100 Area A C Edwards et al. 2004
OxA-2413 8390 80 Area A-C, artifacts point to early PPNB, but date is probably intrusive from upper M/LPPNB-layers (1:193) Garrard et al. 1994
OxA-526 8810 110 early occupational fill Garrard et al. 1994
OxA-527 8520 110 middle occupational fill Garrard et al. 1994



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