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Gesher is one of the rare sites consisting of a single occupational phase. It has been attributed either to the Khiamian or to the Sultanian (Garfinkel, Nadel 1989:149; Nadel 1990:97). In fact, the radiocarbon dates scatter between 9670 and 9190 BC. However, two of the dates correlate well (Pta 4553: 9770-9370 BC; Pta 4595: 9450-9250 BC) with the data of Mureybet, Niveau IA/B and II, (thus with the late Natufian and early Khiamian) and with Phase 2 of Jerf el Ahmar.

Due to their larger deviation of +/- 140 years, the two remaining dates cover a time range down to 9200 BC, but the sum of the dates makes an earlier occupation more probable.

14C Dates

 Code  BP Dev. Δ13C Location material References
Pta 4595 9870 80 Garfinkel, Dag 2006
Pta-4553 10020 100 Garfinkel, Dag 2006
Rt 868a 9820 140 Garfinkel, Dag 2006
Rt 868b 9790 140 Garfinkel, Dag 2006



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