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Seven radiocarbon dates from the PPNB site of Es-Sifiya have been published so far (Görsdorf 2000; Mahasneh 1997)1. All of them date to the final phase of the PPNB/or to the PPNC. Most of them come from Area C, especially from the northern part, of which the excavator reports that this part of the Area might belong to a younger phase (Mahasneh, Bienert 2000:2). Only one sample has been taken from the largest room (11) in Area A (Mahasneh 1997:213). The sum of all dates ranges between 7060 BCcal to 6820 BCcal.

A MPPNB-Phase as it has been suggested according to different building phases in Area B could not yet be verified by the radiocarbon dates (Mahasneh 2004: 49).

1) I am very grateful to Moritz Kinzel for his information about the Berlin radiocarbon dates of Es-Sifiya - published by Görsdorf (2000).  

14C Dates

 Code  BP Dev. Δ13C Location material References
Bln 4968 7979 45 Area C, Quadrate 3, Loc. 05 CH Görsdorf 2000
Bln 4969 8024 44 Area C, Quadrate 7, Loc. 8 CH Görsdorf 2000
Bln 4970 7921 48 Area C, Quadrate 1, Loc. 06 (floor) CH Görsdorf 2000
Bln 4971 8001 44 Area C, Quadrate 5, Loc. 09 (floor) CH Görsdorf 2000
Bln 4972 7990 48 Area C, Quadrate 8, Loc. 08/9 (floor) CH Görsdorf 2000
Bln 4973 8040 44 Area C, Quadrate 4, Loc. 08/04 (floor) CH Görsdorf 2000
ISGS-3279 7930 70 Area A; floor of Room 11, ?; Delta 13c:25.2; Mahasneh 1997



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